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The Parisian Macao: A Slice of Paris in Macau’s Cotai

In Macau’s Cotai area, known for its abundant casinos and resorts, you can find hotels and resorts of various themes. One of the most well-known is “The Venetian,” which features a shopping mall, hotel, and resort inspired by the water city of Italy.

“A Little Piece of Paris in Macau: The Parisian Macao”

Heading a bit south from “The Venetian,” you’ll come across a space called “The Parisian,” which encompasses a hotel, resort, and shopping mall. As the name suggests, it’s fashioned after the city of Paris in France.

You can even encounter a replica of the Eiffel Tower at the front of the building. This Eiffel Tower, built at half the size of the original in Paris, shares an identical design to the one you’d find in France.

The tower also features an observation deck, accessible for an entrance fee of MOP 100 for adults, which is roughly equivalent to 14,000 Korean Won. The entrance to the Eiffel Tower observation deck can be found beside the Parisian Macao souvenir shop.

“A Luxurious Shopping Mall & Hotel with European Flair”

The Parisian serves as a multi-purpose building. It not only houses a hotel but also functions as a resort and a shopping mall, among other spaces.

You’ll also find the casinos commonly associated with most resorts in Macau, along with an array of shops, dining establishments, and souvenir stores.

Known as the “Las Vegas of Asia,” Macau boasts one of the highest per capita GDPs in Asia at a certain point in time. Thanks to this, you’ll find an air of opulence throughout Macau. The Cotai area, in particular, dazzles with its vibrant nightlife.

Inside the building, the attention to detail exudes luxury, sometimes overwhelming visitors with its ambiance. Before visiting Macau, my perception of the city was mostly associated with images of gambling and casinos. However, upon arrival, I discovered that Macau offers an experience beyond those preconceived notions.

Whether or not you choose to stay at The Parisian Macao, it’s a place anyone can visit, offering a taste of France right in Macau.

“The Parisian Macao & Eiffel Tower”