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Studio City Macau Cotai Hotel & Resort

In the Cotai area of Macau, you can explore luxury hotels, resorts, and shopping malls. Many of these places operate not just as simple hotels, but also as vast integrated complexes.

Among the various resorts, there is a relatively recent addition called “Studio City.”

“Modeled After Gotham City from Batman”

The hotels, resorts, and shopping malls in the Cotai area have been built with their own unique concepts. Some are inspired by Venice, the aquatic city of Italy, while others take after Paris, France.

Studio City is designed with Gotham City from Batman as its motif. This lends it a sense of grandeur, and the building’s design, resembling a bat with its wings spread, is particularly striking.

“Exuding a Luxurious Ambiance at Studio City”

All the hotels, resorts, and shopping malls in the Cotai area exude a luxurious atmosphere, and Studio City is no exception. The building is adorned with a golden hue, creating a feeling as if it were adorned with actual gold.

At the heart of Studio City stands the Golden Reel, an “8”-shaped Ferris wheel. This is the world’s first Ferris wheel designed in the shape of the number “8.”

In China, the number “8” is particularly favored as its pronunciation is similar to the phrase “发财(facai),” which means ‘to get rich.’ As a result, the number 8 holds special significance.

“An Outdoor Garden Viewable from the Building’s Center”

As you make your way to the Golden Reel at the center of Studio City, you’ll come across a miniature model of the building displayed. After passing through this, you can step out into an outdoor garden designed in a French style.

The evening weather was comfortably cool, making it an ideal setting for a stroll in the garden. Despite the slight drizzle, I could observe a newlywed couple having their wedding photos taken, emphasizing the luxurious ambiance of the place.

“A Variety of Stores Inhabiting Studio City”

In Studio City, you’ll find a variety of stores, including casinos. Given that the building is inspired by Gotham City from Batman, there’s even an attraction called “Batman Dark Flight” where you can have an immersive experience. After the experience, you can also purchase souvenirs from the designated souvenir shop.

The entrance to the Golden Reel is on the 3rd floor of the East Wing, while the entrance to Batman Dark Flight is on the 2nd floor of the West Wing.

Apart from the Golden Reel and Batman Dark Flight, Studio City offers a range of shops, restaurants, and more, making it a great place to visit while exploring Macau.

“Studio City Macau Cotai“