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Apple Store in Macau Cotai, Central

You can find Apple Stores selling products from the globally renowned company, Apple, in Macau. There are two Apple Stores in Macau, both located in the Cotai area.

One is situated within a complex known as Galaxy, which includes a hotel, resort, and shopping mall. The other can be found in a place called “Cotai Strip.”

“Apple Store in Macau Cotai, Central”

The Cotai area in Macau has emerged as a reclaimed land. It’s a place where luxurious hotels, resorts, casinos, and more are gathered, to the extent that it could be likened to Gangnam in Macau.

As I strolled through the Cotai area, the Apple Store located beside the Sands Hotel caught my eye. Among the Apple Stores I’ve seen, this one in Macau was positioned in the most sophisticated-looking building.

“Apple Store in Macau Cotai, Central”

I didn’t intentionally seek out the Apple Store in Macau, but as I happened to come across it, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like. The Apple Store in Macau was notably spacious, giving off an air of abundant space. Additionally, visiting relatively late in the evening may have contributed to the sense of tranquility. The Apple Stores I visited in Hong Kong were always bustling with people, so the Macau store felt remarkably serene in comparison.

“A Nature-Friendly, Elegant Atmosphere at the Apple Store”

Even before entering the Apple Store, I could see bamboo decorations adorning the exterior. The interior was also impressive, with the store designed in a nature-friendly manner. While other Apple Stores are known for their sleek and clean atmosphere, the one in Macau seemed to exude an even higher level of sophistication.

Perhaps due to its location in the hotel area rather than a shopping mall like most other Apple Stores, there was an even more relaxed ambiance here.

Though I didn’t visit with the intention of making a purchase, the Apple Store in Macau, with its unique concept and atmosphere, offered an enjoyable experience for someone who appreciates exploring Apple Stores around the world.

“Apple Store in Macau Cotai, Central”