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Starz Kitchen: A Chinese Restaurant at Macao Cotai, City of Dreams (COD)

Located in the Cotai area of Macao, “City of Dreams (COD)” is a large complex shopping mall that serves various purposes, including hotels, casinos, theaters, and shops. You can also find a dining district here, named “Soho,” which is situated on the 2nd floor accessible from the south entrance.

“Macao Cotai, COD Chinese Restaurant: Starz Kitchen”

During my trip to Macao, the place I visited the most in the Cotai area was “City of Dreams (COD).” It was also where I received the most benefits. I joined as a member and received some souvenirs for free. I frequently used the free shuttle buses operated by various hotels and resorts in Macao, including the bus connecting the Macao Peninsula and the Cotai area, which was provided for free by “COD.” So, whenever I needed to travel from the Macao Peninsula to the Cotai area, I always took the bus provided by “COD.”

With all these benefits I received from “COD,” I felt a bit guilty for not spending anything there. Therefore, on my last day in Macao, I decided to have a meal here.

In the dining district of City of Dreams (COD) called “Soho,” there were various restaurants to choose from. After some consideration, I decided to have my meal at “Starz Kitchen,” which was a Chinese restaurant.

“COD, Starz Kitchen in Soho Dining District”

Starz Kitchen operates as a Chinese restaurant, and in front of the restaurant, you can find mascots of two people. They are popular singers and actors in the Chinese-speaking world. I’m not sure about the person on the left, but the one on the right is called “Alan Tam,” a star in the Chinese-speaking world. Together, they opened and operate “Starz Kitchen.”

“A Restaurant Offering Chinese Cuisine”

At Starz Kitchen, I had the chance to taste various dishes from the Chinese-speaking world. I could find dim sum, fried rice, and noodle dishes. On that day, I ordered a serving of dim sum, along with Macao-style “jjajangmyeon” (black bean noodles) as an addition. For dessert, I ordered a cup of milk tea.

The Macao-style jjajangmyeon had a reddish sauce, unlike the ones in Korea. Surprisingly, it tasted quite good. It was similar to Korean jjajangmyeon, but with a subtly different flavor, and it wasn’t too unfamiliar.

I didn’t have high expectations when I visited, but thanks to the meal at Starz Kitchen, I was able to end my time in Macao with satisfaction.

After the meal, I planned to continue my journey to Lantau Island in Hong Kong, and I was going to take a bus through the “Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.” So, I took the free shuttle bus provided by “COD” to Macao Ferry Terminal. From there, I could board a free shuttle bus that would take me to the “HZMB Bus Stop.”

“Macao Cotai, City of Dreams Soho (Soho), Starz Kitchen”