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SOHO Dining District in Macao Cotai, City of Dreams (COD)

In the Cotai area of Macao, you’ll find a concentration of luxury hotels, resorts, and shopping malls. When you think of Macao, it’s common to picture this area filled with large resorts, offering a variety of themed experiences.

The “City of Dreams (COD)” is one such expansive complex located in this area, featuring a mix of hotels, casinos, and shopping facilities.

“The Soho (SOHO) Dining District at Macao COD”

Due to its large scale, within the resort, you can also find a dining district. The dining district is located on the 2nd floor of COD, accessible through the south entrance.

The name “Soho” for this dining district is speculated to have originated from the hip area of “South Of Hollywood Road” in Central, Hong Kong. By giving the dining district within the mall a trendy name, it entices visitors.

“A Clean and Stylish Dining District”

At Soho, you can explore various restaurants. They maintain a clean and stylish atmosphere. The staff, who are proficient in English to some extent, provide service that is generally more friendly than in other areas. (Especially compared to the staff in downtown Hong Kong, they are much more amiable.)

While English proficiency may be limited to basic communication, you can observe that the staff is willing to assist to some extent.

“You Can Also Find Korean Restaurants”

At Soho, you can savor cuisines from various nationalities. In addition to Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines, you can also find food trucks offering a variety of dishes.

At the end of the corridor, you can find a large Japanese restaurant, and restaurants serving Korean dishes like samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) and budae-jjigae (Korean army stew) are also available.

As one of the dining districts in “COD,” a complex shopping mall in Macao, it’s a great place to visit when you want to have a meal in a clean and pleasant environment.

“Macao Cotai, City of Dreams Soho (SOHO)”