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Slam Dunk OST “Until the End of the World (世界が終るまでは)”

Slam Dunk, the legendary manga that captured a significant fan base during its initial run, continues to maintain its popularity. Recently, it even saw the release of a new theatrical version, garnering considerable attention from devoted Slam Dunk fans.

Although it’s been quite some time since I watched the Slam Dunk movie, the track “Until the End of the World (世界が終るまでは)” by Wands, which was Mitsui Hisashi’s theme song, came to mind. Upon revisiting the song, the emotions I felt during my childhood while watching Slam Dunk resurfaced.

“Slam Dunk OST, Until the End of the World (世界が終るまでは)”

Slam Dunk features several well-known OSTs, but my personal favorite is the song “Until the End of the World.” Listening to the song evokes a sense of loneliness, intensity, and the spirit of facing challenges head-on. It goes beyond a mere melancholic tone; it inspires the listener not to succumb to sadness but to gather the strength to face new challenges.

Whenever I feel down or overwhelmed, I intentionally seek out this song. Its melody serves as a reminder that, instead of giving in to despair, one should rise again and face new challenges.

“Mitsui’s Presence in Slam Dunk”

In Slam Dunk, Mitsui Hisashi, the character associated with this OST, was once an MVP in middle school. However, he suffered an injury upon entering high school, leading him down a troubled path. Despite the setbacks and a period of delinquency, Mitsui returns to the basketball team in his third year of high school, showcasing his determination to overcome challenges.

The atmosphere conveyed by this song aligns well with Mitsui’s character. It encapsulates the essence of regret for past deviations, a commitment to the present, and the determination to embark on a new challenge. The synergy between Mitsui’s character and the emotions conveyed in the song is striking.

“Why is Mitsui a Beloved Character?”

Slam Dunk introduces various characters, each with their own stories and personalities, but Mitsui Hisashi stands out as one of the most beloved. The image of “Mitsui, the Fireworks Man,” portraying a character who, despite wandering, explodes with energy at crucial moments, contributes to his popularity.

Moreover, Mitsui’s relatability might be another reason for his popularity. Most of us, with only a few exceptions, experience a period of wandering, losing sight of our goals. Reflecting on our past during adolescence, we may encounter moments of regret, and sometimes, we may feel disheartened.

However, Mitsui’s character, while acknowledging the lost time, ultimately chooses to overcome it with his own will. Witnessing his journey, we are moved and inspired. Mitsui becomes a character we can relate to—a symbol of not giving up despite walking a similar path, of feeling regret but not succumbing to despair.

Listening to Mitsui’s OST, “Until the End of the World,” evokes these sentiments. It serves as a reminder not to give up, and like Mitsui, to face challenging times with determination.