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Changing Themes/Skins on Google Blog

The position of Google Blog in South Korea’s blogging landscape is somewhat ambiguous. Compared to Naver, it’s considered inferior for Korean content creation, and in terms of monetization through AdSense, it lags behind Tistory. However, since Tistory introduced its own advertisements in 2023, Google Blog has gained attention.

In terms of customization, it falls short of WordPress. While Google Blog allows theme changes, it still leaves an ambiguous impression compared to WordPress, which can be used not only for blogs but also for websites and even e-commerce.

The Ambiguous Design of Google Blog

One of the hesitations in setting up and running a Google Blog is its design. Given the lack of recent updates from Google, the interface feels somewhat outdated, almost like a step back in time.

Moreover, the default skins offered by Google Blog raise doubts about whether they are suitable for the AI era, where advanced visual design is commonplace.

Especially when compared to websites built on similar systems like Tistory or WordPress, Google Blog’s design feels noticeably less appealing.

Can Google Blog Have a Clean and Stylish Design?

However, with some investment in time, Google Blog can indeed be transformed into a stylish design. Although the writing editor still has an old-fashioned feel, the outward appearance of the blog can be just as sleek as WordPress.

Of course, achieving a really impressive design may require some investment. However, most skins made for Google Blog are much more affordable compared to those for WordPress.

You can purchase skins from specialized websites that offer Google Blog skins. By searching and selecting a design you like, applying it to your blog can quickly give it a sophisticated look.

In addition to the websites listed below, there are many others available:

  1. PikiTemplates: https://www.pikitemplates.com/
  2. GooyaabiTemplates: https://gooyaabitemplates.com/

Both free and paid versions are available on these sites. If you plan to run your blog properly, it’s recommended to invest in a paid skin that includes additional features.

Applying a New Skin to Google Blog

Once you purchase a skin, you can download the file. Applying a new skin to Google Blog is straightforward:

Navigate to “Settings > Themes > Restore,” then upload the file with the “.XML” extension from your downloads. This will apply the new skin.

However, please note that all previous settings such as HTML and CSS from the old skin will be erased. Therefore, it’s important to backup before changing the skin.

Adjusting Skin Settings

After applying the new skin, you’ll need to customize the default settings to match your blog. This includes changing the default logo to your own logo. You can do this under “Settings > Layout.”

Layout configurations vary depending on the purchased skin, with some applying only to the main page and others to specific blog sections. By making gradual adjustments, you’ll learn which parts to modify to achieve your desired changes.