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Singapore, Orchard Road Figure Shop “White Rose Parlor”

Orchard Road, known as Asia’s largest shopping street, lives up to its nickname with a variety of shopping malls. While exploring several malls on Orchard Road, I decided to take a look at a shopping mall called “Orchard Central.”

By the way, in this mall, you can also find the library inside called “Library@Orchard.”

“Orchard Central, Figure Shop on the 4th Floor”

After exploring the Orchard Library on Orchard Road, I also took a look at a small figure shop on the same floor. Though not very large in scale, encountering such a figure shop in Singapore brought a fresh experience.

While these figures are easily found in Japan, they are still relatively rare in South Korea. Encountering a figure shop in Singapore, especially with figures that differ somewhat from those commonly seen in Japan, felt quite unique.

In particular, the displayed figures differed from those typically seen in Japanese figure shops, featuring many characters from nearby Hong Kong or Western characters.

Although a small figure shop, it stands out as a somewhat unique store amidst the abundance of clothing stores and miscellaneous shops in Orchard Road’s shopping malls.

“Singapore Orchard Road Figure Shop, White Rose Parlor”

  • Address: 181 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238896