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Singapore, Peranakan Architecture “Emerald Hill”

“Orchard Road,” considered one of the central areas in Singapore, is reminiscent of Gangnam in South Korea. Filled with skyscrapers and diverse shopping malls, the street itself bears a striking resemblance to Gangnam, evoking thoughts of Orchard Road when walking along Gangnam-daero.

On Orchard Road in Singapore, you can discover areas related to “Peranakan,” well-known for Singapore’s cultural fusion.

“Singapore, Emerald Hill – A Place to Explore Peranakan Culture”

Emerald Hill is an area similar to Seoul’s Bukchon, featuring actual residential alleyways lined with Peranakan-style architecture.

Peranakan culture refers to descendants born between overseas immigrant men and local Malaysian women, derived from the term “Anak.” It signifies a blend of Malaysian and overseas cultures.

Due to the historical development of maritime trade around Singapore, where Indians, Arabs, and Europeans frequently visited, the region naturally became a place where diverse cultures coexisted.

“Preserving Peranakan Culture – Emerald Hill on Orchard Road”

Emerald Hill, located on Orchard Road in Singapore, preserves the unique “Peranakan culture” distinctive to Singapore. Not far from the MRT station “Somerset,” Emerald Hill is a place easily accessible by walking slowly from the subway station.

At the entrance of Emerald Hill, various shops offer a taste of Peranakan cuisine. If you wish to indulge in Singapore’s distinctive Peranakan culture, this is the place to visit. However, as it is a residential area, it’s advisable to refrain from creating excessive noise to respect the residents.

“Singapore Orchard Road, Emerald Hill”