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Singapore Clarke Quay, Chili Crab at “Jumbo Seafood”

Representing Singaporean cuisine are dishes like “Chili Crab” and “Black Pepper Crab.” As the names suggest, both dishes feature crab as the main ingredient—one covered in a spicy yet sweet sauce and the other utilizing pepper.

“Crab Dishes to Try in Singapore”

Chili Crab and Black Pepper Crab are particularly well-known dishes in Singapore, with the following three places being recognized for their crab dishes:

  1. Jumbo Seafood
  2. No Signboard Seafood
  3. Red House

While there are other places in Singapore serving crab dishes, these three are the most renowned, especially “Jumbo Seafood,” which is highly familiar to people from Korea.

“Jumbo Seafood with 4 Locations in Singapore”

Jumbo Seafood has four locations in Singapore, with two in the central and travel-friendly locations of “Clarke Quay” and “Riverside.” Clarke Quay and Riverside are within a 5-minute walking distance.

We visited Jumbo Seafood at Clarke Quay. Despite arriving quite late, the place was fairly crowded. The restaurant had a specially designated “reservation device,” where you could input your phone number, and when your turn came, they’d call you.

Even though we reserved and were enjoying the night view of Clarke Quay, we received a call notifying us that our table was ready in less than 30 minutes.

“Chili Crab Set Menu”

Looking at the menu, there were various options available. On this particular day, we ordered the Chili Crab set menu. It included not only Chili Crab but also fried rice and several side dishes. Additionally, a small dessert was provided after finishing the main course.

Considering that crab dishes themselves are generally expensive, the prices were somewhat high. We shared the meal between two people, and the total cost was approximately SGD 200, equivalent to around 160,000 Korean Won. So, each person paid about 80,000 Won.

“A 10% Service Charge on the Stated Price”

Unlike local eateries where service charges aren’t separately added, larger establishments like restaurants may include around a 10% service charge on the stated prices. It’s essential to be aware of this when dining in such places.

After the meal, they gave us a crab-shaped souvenir doll. However, it was a bit awkward since the place is typically visited by groups, and receiving only one souvenir left us wanting. It would have been better if they provided souvenirs according to the number of diners.

“Discounts with Singapore Airlines Boarding Pass”

If you’re traveling on Singapore Airlines and exploring Singapore, it’s advisable to keep your Singapore Airlines boarding pass with you. Partnered locations, including Jumbo Seafood, often offer discounts when you show your Singapore Airlines boarding pass before payment.

This meal marked the beginning of my Singaporean culinary experience, allowing me to truly savor the taste of Singapore. While the cost was on the higher side, making it a bit burdensome, if you’re in the midst of traveling in Singapore, it’s a place you shouldn’t miss.

“Singapore Clarke Quay, Jumbo Seafood”

  • Address: 20 Upper Circular Road, #B1-48 The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416
  • Website: jumboseafood.com.sg
  • Phone Number: +65 6534 3435
  • Operating Hours: 12:00 – 15:00 / 18:00 – 24:00