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Singapore Travel Destination “Marina Bay”

When you search Singapore online, there’s an image that always comes up, and that is none other than Singapore’s most famous tourist spot, “Marina Bay.”

Here, you can encounter various modern architectural wonders, starting from the iconic “Marina Bay Sands” hotel, representing Singapore. The overall sophisticated and unique atmosphere exudes a futuristic city vibe.

“Exploring Various Landmarks in Singapore at Marina Bay”

Marina Bay stands out as one of Singapore’s most iconic travel destinations. Consequently, you can find various Singaporean landmarks here. The well-known “Marina Bay Sands,” reportedly constructed by Korea’s SsangYong Construction, and the “Merlion” statue can be explored at Merlion Park. Additionally, the nearby area features the Fullerton Hotel.

“The Marina Bay Sands Hotel with a Boat-Shaped Structure Linking Three Buildings”

A standout architectural landmark representing Singapore is the “Marina Bay Sands” hotel. Constructed by Korea’s SsangYong Construction, it’s famous for its boat-shaped structure linking three buildings.

At the top of this building, where the boat structure is, there’s a “swimming pool.” The view of Singapore from this pool is breathtaking. However, to access the pool, staying at the “Marina Bay Sands” hotel is a prerequisite. Yet, even the cheapest room in the hotel costs around 400,000 won per night, making it a somewhat burdensome expense just to visit the pool.

However, you can enjoy a free show at Marina Bay Sands without staying overnight. When you visit Marina Bay, you can witness a “laser show” performed by Marina Bay Sands in the evening.

“Marina Bay – A Place to Explore Various High-Rise Buildings”

Not only hotels but also almost all of Singapore’s high-rise buildings are concentrated in Marina Bay. Therefore, it can be considered the central hub of Singapore’s commerce and economy.

Especially if you visit this place at night and look around, you can enjoy a fantastic skyline. Hence, Singapore is often referred to as more beautiful at night than during the day.

“Singapore’s Symbolic Creature – The Merlion”

In Marina Bay, you can find a park with the symbolic creature of Singapore, the “Merlion” statue. The name “Singapore” is said to come from this mythical animal, which is a creature imagined with the body of a lion and the tail of a mermaid.

The Merlion you can see here includes the so-called “Mother Merlion” and “Baby Merlion.” Among the five Merlion statues you can find in Singapore, two are located here.

“Singapore’s ArtScience Museum, Esplanade, Fullerton House, DNA Bridge, and More…”

In addition to the mentioned attractions, there are quite a few landmark-like buildings around Marina Bay. These include the “ArtScience Museum,” “Esplanade,” “Fullerton House,” “DNA Bridge,” and more.

All of these are naturally scattered around Marina Bay, making it easy to stroll through all these attractions.

On the first day, after having dinner in Clarke Quay, we took the subway to Marina Bay. We enjoyed the scenery around Marina Bay, taking in the beautiful night view of Singapore.

Spending too much time at Marina Bay caused us to miss the last subway, and eventually, we had to take a taxi back to the hotel. Nevertheless, this allowed us to experience taking a local taxi in Singapore. Thus, the first night in Singapore came to an end.

“Singapore Marina Bay”

  • Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018972