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Sindorim Hyundai Department Store D-Cube City Apple Reseller “A Shop”

There are several places where Apple products are sold. One can mention the Apple-operated “Apple Store” as the most representative, but there are also various other stores. In addition to the Apple Store, you can find Apple products at various reseller stores such as Neptun, Willis, A Shop, Costco, K-Mug, and Frisbee.

You can also find a store selling Apple products at the Sindorim Hyundai Department Store D-Cube City Branch. While it’s not a store operated directly by Apple like the Apple Store, it’s a reseller store officially selling Apple products under the name “A Shop.”

“Sindorim Hyundai Department Store D-Cube City, Apple Riseller ‘A Shop'”

A Shop is located in the middle of the way to the B1 level cultural center and Kyobo Bookstore. It is situated across from the IKEA store. While the store isn’t very large and may not catch the eye easily, it is positioned in a location where you might happen to see it and enter while passing through the corridor.

“A Small Apple Seller”

The store, though not very spacious, displays at least one of every product Apple sells, allowing customers to experience and handle the products directly. After experiencing the products, if needed, you can make a purchase, and you can also buy various Apple accessories.

Located adjacent to Sindorim Station, a central transportation hub in the southwestern part of Seoul, and directly connected to Hyundai Department Store D-Cube City, this Apple store is known for its high accessibility.

“Sindorim Hyundai Department Store D-Cube City A Shop”

  • Address: B1, Hyundai Department Store, 257 Mokdongdong-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, 07998, South Korea
  • Phone Number: 02-2163-2635
  • Website: https://www.theashop.co.kr