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Should Everything Change Except for the Wife and Children?

“In the end, I have to change. To make a change, I need to change thoroughly. To put it in extreme terms, everything should change except for the wife and children. I will embark on a reform drive like this for the next five years. If it still doesn’t change, I will give up. If it doesn’t work even after ten years, it means it can never be done.” (June 1993, Frankfurt Management Conference)

Chairman Lee Kun-hee, who led Samsung, made the above statement at the Frankfurt Management Conference in June 1993. Subsequently, Samsung was able to evolve into a globally recognized company.

“Is it Time for Change?”

After finishing lunch and strolling around Gwanghwamun Square, the phrase “Should everything change except for the wife and children?” crossed my mind.

For over 15 years, I’ve been taking photos, writing, and running a blog. I started with a Tistory blog, became a Power Blogger, and recently set up a new WordPress site to consistently publish content.

However, due to recent changes in Kakao’s advertising policies, I no longer update my Tistory blog that I’ve been operating for over 15 years. Instead, I’ve been consistently uploading content only to Naver Blog and the WordPress site.

While I continue to write regularly, it’s not the same as before. In the blogging space, building trust over time is crucial for appearing in top searches. Yet, Naver and WordPress haven’t gained the search trust I had on Tistory.

Moreover, the changing content market seems to be influencing this decision. The shift from traditional writing and photos to video content is apparent, and now we’re rapidly moving into an era of short video content. Considering that major platforms like YouTube and Instagram dominate searches, being affiliated with these large platforms becomes increasingly important.

“Is Everything Worth Changing?”

I’ve become accustomed to writing and editing photos for a long time. Creating content about ordinary, everyday life has become second nature, allowing me to process work quickly.

The Naver Blog has over 80 scheduled posts waiting, and the WordPress site has over 120 posts pending. Despite this, the number of visitors hasn’t increased significantly.

Facing the recent global economic downturn and war issues, instead of a bright future, there’s a sense of an impending gloom.

Confronting this reality, I now ponder whether it’s time to change everything completely. It might be the right time to consider new ways of content creation that I haven’t tried before.

“Video Content? Personal Thoughts? Book Reviews?”

I contemplate whether it’s time to try content topics or formats I haven’t delved into before.

Of course, these days it’s the era of YouTube, so creating YouTube content might be more advantageous for securing views. However, before that, it’s crucial to confirm whether the content aligns with my abilities and interests.

Ultimately, once a format is decided upon, continuous efforts are required before seeing results.

As the weather gets colder, and despite focusing on the blog for a long time, considering the modest earnings, various thoughts come to mind.

It’s undoubtedly a time when one must decide whether it’s the right time for complete transformation, gradual change while maintaining the status quo, or persistently sticking to what has been done.