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Seungpyo Cho “Knowing Samsung from the outside, learning Samsung from the inside”

Today, most of the world’s largest companies are located in the United States. Among them, the San Francisco and San Jose areas, commonly referred to as Silicon Valley, are home to the headquarters of some of the world’s leading companies. Apple, the world’s second-largest company by market capitalization, is headquartered in Silicon Valley, and Google, an icon of innovation, is also located there.

While most of the world’s leading companies are American, it’s encouraging to see that Korea has a company that once competed shoulder to shoulder with these global giants.

Samsung Electronics, a Korean company, once rivaled Apple in market capitalization. While it still competes fiercely in the smartphone space, it hasn’t been able to catch up to the market capitalization of Apple. This can be seen as the gap between companies listed on the U.S. stock market and those listed on the Korean stock market.

“Samsung is one of South Korea’s leading companies”

Samsung is one of South Korea’s most iconic companies. At one point, it was even more prominent than the country itself, with the name “Samsung Republic” being attached to it. Of course, Samsung is still a significant part of the economy, both domestically and internationally.

While there are relatively many large companies, it’s hard to find people who have worked for them and written books about them. It is relatively easy to find books written by people who have worked at Amazon, Google, etc. about companies, but it is difficult to find a book about Samsung written by someone who has worked at Samsung.

In fact, Seung Pyo Cho’s book “Samsung from the Outside, Samsung from the Inside” is said to be the first book about Samsung written by a current Samsung employee. Because it’s written by someone who works at Samsung Electronics, you can learn a lot more about the company.

“A story told by a Samsung senior to a junior”

The book is written as if a senior employee at Samsung is giving advice to newer employees who have just joined the company. In fact, the book is mostly about “how to do well in the company”. As such, it’s a great book to read if you’re new to the workforce and haven’t yet experienced corporate life.

“Finding the right company for you”

The author also gives practical advice for those who haven’t started working at a company yet. Rather than applying to a company with a vague idea of what you want to do, he advocates finding a company that “fits you” and applying to it.

One way to determine if you’re a good fit is to look at the company’s “mission statement,” he says. It’s even more helpful to look at the company’s vision of the kind of person they’re looking for.

However, this advice is a bit out of touch with reality. In Korea, most large companies have a similar mission statement and talent vision. “Sincere, enterprising, hardworking, and creative talents” are favored by most of them, and it doesn’t matter which company’s website you visit.

“What will happen after joining Samsung?”

The book also discusses what happens after joining Samsung. After taking the “SSAT” test and passing the interview, the book discusses what kind of training is given to Samsung men.

The book goes into detail about what happens after that, including the training camp that new employees go through. About a year after joining the company, there is a “new employee festival,” where all new employees gather at Samsung’s training center in Gangwon Province to enjoy a “competitive” and “cooperative” festival. He explains that this is where they experience Samsung’s “Mass Game,” which has become a hot topic online.

“It’s important to adapt to work quickly.”

In order to be successful in the company, it is important to adapt to the basic tasks of the company, the author says. You need to be able to solve your own tasks quickly. He also emphasizes the importance of frequent “midterm reports” because company work is a team effort, not a solo endeavor.

“Samsung cares about its employees”

As you read the book, you might think it’s an official Samsung brochure. There is a subheading titled “Samsung’s Consideration for Employees,” which introduces the various benefits Samsung provides.

One of the things that is mentioned is that Samsung has a flexible work schedule, which means that employees can come to work anytime from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and leave anytime after completing the nine-hour work day (including a one-hour lunch break).

The book also introduces various other employee benefits, both large and small.

Overall, the book is all about “Samsung”. The title itself is “Samsung from the outside, Samsung from the inside”, so it’s no wonder. As such, it’s a great book for those who want to work at Samsung.

“Samsung from the Outside, Samsung from the Inside: The First Samsung Story Written by a Current Samsung Employee”

  • Author : Seung Pyo Cho
  • Publication date : October 16, 2013
  • ISBN13 : 9791195026340
  • Yes24 : http://app.ac/WAC9ll543