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Seoul National University Entrance Sharosugil Dessert Cafe “Mangwon-dong Tiramisu”

You can find a small alley called “Sharosugil” to the southeast of Seoul National University Entrance Station. It’s a well-known tourist spot near Seoul National University Entrance. This alley is known for its quaint and diverse restaurants and cafes, making it a popular dating course for couples.

The name “Sharosugil” is a combination of “Sha,” which is a symbol of Seoul National University, and “Garosu-gil” (tree-lined street). Sharosugil used to be “Naksungdae Market.” A charming market was established here, and since the mid-2010s, various experimental shops have entered the alley due to relatively low rent and a young commercial area, turning it into a street full of unique and interesting atmospheres.

“Seoul National University Entrance Vintage Cafe, Mangwon-dong Tiramisu”

Although it’s not in Mangwon-dong, you can find a cafe called “Mangwon-dong Tiramisu” in Sharosugil. The cafe exudes a vintage atmosphere. As the name suggests, they mainly sell “tiramisu,” and they also serve coffee and other beverages.

The overall atmosphere gives off a 90s interior vibe, as if time has flowed back to the past. In particular, the combination of wood and green gives the place a strong old-fashioned feel.

“A Variety of Tiramisu and Beverages”

Since the cafe’s name is Mangwon-dong Tiramisu, you can naturally find a variety of tiramisu here. From the original to green tea, blueberry, and more, the tiramisus neatly lined up in paper cups create a unique atmosphere.

You can also order common drinks like Americano, but you can also get milk tea. Note that milk tea is also considered a signature menu item here.

An Americano is priced at 3,500 KRW per cup, which is generally reasonable for beverage prices. Compared to Starbucks, which you can commonly find nearby, it’s relatively more affordable. Tiramisu, on the other hand, is priced at 5,800 KRW per cup, which is also considered reasonable.

“A Great Place for Sweet Desserts”

Mangwon-dong Tiramisu in Sharosugil is a great place to visit when you’re craving sweet desserts. The store is not very spacious, but it can accommodate about 15 people at a time.

The location of the store is easily accessible, as it can be found near the beginning of Sharosugil. It’s a great place to enjoy a combination of sweet tiramisu and bitter coffee in an old-fashioned interior that feels like you’ve traveled back in time. It’s a wonderful spot to visit with close friends or a significant other.

“Seoul National University Entrance Sharosugil Dessert Cafe, Mangwon-dong Tiramisu”