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“ROBOTIME Perpetual Calendar”

While the term “Perpetual Calendar” technically refers to a calendar system that can be used for any year, it is commonly used to describe a date display mechanism often found in mechanical watches.

A Perpetual Calendar, in essence, can be considered as a calendar that continues endlessly. By using mechanical components to adjust the “year” and “month” each time the month changes, the dates for the month are displayed on the calendar.

“ROBOTIME: Perpetual Calendar”

ROBOTIME is known for producing various DIY products, and they have also created a “DIY” Perpetual Calendar.

By assembling each piece, you can create a “perpetually ongoing calendar.”

The product is entirely made of wood and has a relatively thick build, making it sturdy. Among the various DIY products, this one falls into the category of moderate difficulty.

The product is available for purchase on AliExpress, priced at $17.99.