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Merlion Tower, Sentosa Island, Singapore

A mythical creature representing Singapore, the “Merlion,” with the upper body of a lion and the lower body of a fish, is an iconic symbol integral to Singapore’s identity, even influencing the nation’s name.

The Merlion statue can be found in various locations across Singapore. One notably famous statue is situated in “Merlion Park,” at the heart of Singapore tourism in Marina Bay. Additionally, Sentosa Island hosts Singapore’s largest Merlion Tower.

Merlion Statue on Sentosa Island

Even in Sentosa Island, renowned for its resorts, the colossal “Merlion” stands tall at 37 meters, earning the nickname “Daddy Merlion” due to its significant scale.

The easiest way to reach the Merlion statue in Sentosa is by utilizing the monorail. Disembark at “Imbiah” station, and you’ll be greeted by the imposing Merlion statue.

In front of the Merlion statue, a structure with the inscription “Sentosa” can be found. This structure changes colors once a year, making it a popular spot for commemorative photos.

Merlion Tower as an Observation Deck

The Merlion statue serves as an observation deck. Climbing to the top allows a panoramic view of the southern region of Sentosa Island. The entrance fee for the observation deck is SGD 12 for adults and SGD 9 for children.

Inside the Merlion statue, an animated display narrates the story of how the Merlion became Singapore’s mascot. Taking the elevator to the observation deck provides a chance to view the surrounding area from the head of the Merlion, offering a 360-degree experience.

While I opted not to ascend to the observation deck, capturing its grandeur in photos was enough to appreciate its significance as a notable attraction on Sentosa Island.

Singapore Sentosa Merlion Tower

  • Address: 30 Imbiah Rd, Singapore 099705
  • Phone: +65 1800 736 8672
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 20:00 (Last entry 19:30)
  • Admission Fee: (Adult) S$12 / (Child) S$9
  • Website: http://merlion.sentosa.com.sg