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Osaka Dotonbori Gyudon Restaurant “Sukiya”

In Japan, there is a franchise restaurant specializing in curry and gyudon (beef bowl) – “Yoshinoya,” “Matsuya,” and “Sukiya.” These three are often considered the top three gyudon chains in Japan.

Due to the approaching Typhoon Jami, I adjusted my original schedule and planned to travel from Osaka to Kyoto in the morning. Before departing from Osaka, I decided to have a meal and visited Sukiya, a gyudon restaurant in Dotonbori.

”Sukiya” in Dotonbori, Osaka

Sukiya could be found in the heart of Dotonbori in Osaka.

While I had heard of “Sukiya,” this was my first visit, making me a bit cautious. However, upon arrival, I found that it was not significantly different from restaurants we commonly see in Korea.

”English Menu Available”

After taking a seat, I looked at the menu. Ordering was straightforward by calling a waiter. They not only provided menus in Japanese but also had an English menu. Additionally, large pictures on the menu made it easy to understand each dish, alleviating any ordering concerns.

”Featured on Battle Trip”

Sukiya had been featured on the KBS travel show “Battle Trip,” visited by EXID’s Hani and Solji. The show shared a tip that ordering the morning breakfast menu could make the meal more affordable. However, it wasn’t clear which items were part of the breakfast menu during my visit. Nevertheless, overall, the menu was reasonably priced, making it an affordable dining option.

“Sukiya in Dotonbori, Osaka”