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“Osaka Namba Parks, Pet Shop ‘P2′”

Namba Parks is a shopping mall connected to Osaka’s Namba Station. Not only is it one of the largest shopping malls in the vicinity, but its unique building structure, featuring a central void and a long, curving design, is also impressive. Visitors can find various franchise cafes, clothing stores, accessories, and more.

“A Shopping Mall at the Heart of Osaka Namba”

After exploring Osaka’s Den Den Town and finishing lunch, I decided to visit Namba Parks. Since it’s not far from Den Den Town, it was easily accessible by foot.

Situated at the heart of Namba, Namba Parks is notably well-connected to Osaka’s Namba Station, boasting excellent accessibility.

“Pet Shop ‘P2’ on the 5th Floor of Namba Parks”

I explored Namba Parks without any prior information, with the only hint being the presence of a store called ‘Village Vanguard’ inside. While I had visited a Village Vanguard store in Amerikamura on a previous trip, it seemed that the Amerikamura branch had closed its doors. Instead, I found ‘P2’ on the 5th floor, and curious about the sound of birds, I discovered live birds in the P2 pet shop.

“Encountering Pets like Parrots, Rabbits, and Fish at P2”

At P2, one could encounter live pets such as parrots, rabbits, and fish. Although there is a growing interest in parrots even in South Korea, it was quite fascinating to see a pet shop in a mall selling live parrots.

The name ‘P2’ seemed to be a shorthand for “Plants & Pets,” considering that one corner housed a plant section, and the other had this intriguing array of live pets.

Later, when I have more time, I might consider raising a pet, especially a parrot species. Encountering real parrots unexpectedly as I strolled by brought a warm feeling, and this pet shop offered a unique concept not commonly found in South Korea. It would be a great place to visit for those looking for something different during their trip to Japan.

“Osaka Namba, Namba Parks P2”

  • Address: 5F Namba Parks, 2 Chome-10-70 Nanbanaka, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, 556-0011, Japan
  • Phone Number: +81 6-4397-8677
  • Website: P2 Namba Parks
  • Operating Hours: 11:00 – 21:00