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Osaka Namba Caricature Shop “Caricature Japan Namba Store”

After finishing lunch near Osaka Namba Station, we headed towards one of Osaka’s major tourist attractions, “Dotonbori,” just a short walk north from Namba Station.

While leisurely exploring the area from Namba Station, we noticed an eye-catching store. It was a caricature shop located in the Ebisubashi Shopping Street. This shop specializes in drawing people with distinctive features, creating illustrations reminiscent of animated characters. Although we stumbled upon it by chance, we decided to visit to capture memories of our trip.

“Various Options for Caricatures”

The caricature shop offered various options, each with a different style. Depending on the chosen option, the drawing style varied. We opted for the most basic and straightforward option, “Moderate,” requesting caricatures in the Namba style.

“Well-Executed Caricatures Bringing Out Character Features”

While we didn’t have high expectations, fortunately, the artist displayed a skillful technique. The caricature drawn for our parents effectively captured their facial features, humorously bringing out their personalities.

Moreover, considering that our parents are now of a certain age, the artist managed to depict them as if we were witnessing their younger selves, which left a lasting impression.

The price for drawing a caricature for two people was 5,500 yen. If you wanted to add a frame, the price varied depending on the type of frame. Starting with the basic plastic frame at 1,650 yen, the prices ranged up to 4,950 yen for the most expensive acrylic frame. Since we had the drawings, getting a matching frame to preserve and display them seemed like a good idea for long-term enjoyment.

The location is easily found south of Ebisubashi Shopping Street, right in front of a pedestrian crossing. Creating amusing character drawings during your travels can be a delightful way to make lasting memories.

“Osaka Namba Caricature Shop (Caricature Japan Namba Store)”

  • Address: 1 Chome-9-14 Nanba, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0076, Japan
  • Phone: +81-3-5830-7220
  • Website: caricature-japan.com
  • Business Hours: 11:30 – 20:00