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Restaurant in Osaka Namba: “Kiefel Coffee”

Upon arriving at the “Swissotel Nankai Namba” hotel located in Osaka Namba, we decided to drop off our luggage first. It was still early for check-in.

After having breakfast in Kyoto and moving to Osaka, we stored our luggage at the hotel, and it was time for lunch. While searching for nearby dining options, we settled on having our meal at a restaurant called “Kiefel Coffee.”

“Osaka Namba CITY, Kiefel Coffee”

Although the name suggests a cafe-like operation, “Kiefel Coffee” in reality offers a variety of meal options.

Choosing to have lunch here was straightforward. Originally, we planned to head to Namba Parks for a restaurant meal, but upon inspecting the eateries in the area, most seemed to specialize in noodle dishes or Western cuisine. Since we needed a place with rice-based dishes for our family trip, and not finding such options in Namba Parks, we hastily opted for “Kiefel Coffee.”

Fortunately, when we visited, it was still a time with relatively few people, allowing us to be seated without waiting in line. However, after placing our orders and looking around, it quickly became apparent that the place was filling up.

“Separate Smoking and Non-smoking Sections in the Restaurant”

In Korea, indoor smoking is generally prohibited in most places, but in Japan, many places still allow smoking indoors. Previously, it wasn’t uncommon to see people smoking while having a meal in a restaurant, as smoking indoors was even more widely accepted. However, nowadays, many places, including restaurants, divide their space into smoking and non-smoking sections.

Kiefel Coffee also operated with separate smoking and non-smoking sections. Upon entering, you could find the smoking section, while the areas near the entrance were designated non-smoking.

“Pasta, Omurice, Curry, Sandwiches, and Various Menu Items”

The restaurant offered a diverse menu, including noodles, rice dishes, and bread. During lunchtime, they also had set menu options. We all ordered the lunch sets, choosing our preferred items. As a result, we observed people enjoying pasta, omurice (omelet rice), curry rice, sandwiches, and more.

There was a slight mix-up with our order. The set menu included a beverage, and when ordering, all drinks were correctly served except for the apple juice that I ordered. Instead, a different type of “tea” arrived. Although it was a bit surprising, we decided not to complain and proceeded to enjoy our meal.

The price range was around 1,000 yen per person, making it a relatively affordable place to have a satisfying meal.

“Osaka Namba CITY, Kiefel Coffee”

  • Address: なんばCITY 2F, 5 Chome-1-60 Nanba, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0076, Japan
  • Phone: +81-6-6644-2724
  • Business Hours: 8:00 – 22:00
  • Website: kiefel-coffee.co.jp