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Official HIGE DANDism “Pretender”

In a world where finding band music is increasingly challenging in South Korea, it’s comforting that in Japan, the realm of band music is still vibrant.

However, many Japanese bands often face a common challenge – their vocalists might fall short. While their instrumental performances excel in precision, the final touch, the last 2%, often seems lacking. Enter “Official HIGE DANDism,” a band with a unique name, dedicated to filling that 2% gap.

“Official HIGE DANDism: Scaling Streaming Charts Across the Board”

Official HIGE DANDism made a major debut in Japan and, within just 1 year and 3 months, secured a spot at the Tokyo “BudoKan,” where they held a live performance. Their second single album, “Pretender,” not only achieved success in streaming charts but also consistently held high positions for an extended period.

Moreover, the band itself and its songs consistently ranked well on various streaming charts, showcasing a significant impact on the Japanese music scene. At one point, they even dominated music charts, a testament to their rising prominence.

“Official HIGE DANDism: The Beard Men Officially”

Looking at their group name might be perplexing as it’s read as “Official HIGE DANDism,” with the characters “髭男 (HIGE DAND)” in the middle written in Kanji, causing some confusion.

The reason behind this name is to convey the aspiration of “continuing to pursue enjoyable music even as the age for beards approaches.” It’s a name packed with a determination to stay amusing and entertaining, even as they age.

“Pretender: Someone Pretending to Be…”

The song that propelled Official HIGE DANDism into stardom is “Pretender.” It garnered substantial views on YouTube, maintaining its popularity. Currently, it has been consecutively ranking on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart for 241 weeks, and if this momentum continues, surpassing 300 weeks seems plausible.

As of January 1, 2024, the official music video on YouTube has approximately 490 million views, on track to achieve 500 million views soon.

The title “Pretender” implies someone pretending to be what they are not. The meaning encapsulated in the title is asserting the right to something one doesn’t possess. The song narrates the act of unilaterally declaring a breakup, even though the mentioned person is not in a relationship – ultimately portraying the theme of giving up on one-sided love.