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Incheon Chinatown, Hwadeok Mandu “Silrihyang”

In Incheon Chinatown, you can explore a variety of foods, ranging from numerous Chinese restaurants to various snacks and pre-meal treats like cookies. 

“Hwadeok Mandu in Incheon Chinatown, Silrihyang”

After finishing dinner, I thought it would be great to try as many foods as possible while visiting Chinatown. Particularly, I remembered Hwadeok Mandu introduced on the TV show “Kim Young-chul’s Neighborhood One Lap.” After searching for its location, I confirmed that it is a store named “Silrihyang.”

The Hwadeok Mandu showcased on the program is made by attaching dumplings to a hot oven. Curious about its taste, I visited without hesitation.

“Hwadeok Mandu Directly Cooked in the Oven, Silrihyang”

At Silrihyang, you can witness the process of dumplings being directly cooked in the oven. The staff may call waiting customers to showcase the oven and sometimes let children watch. This scene was previously introduced on “Kim Young-chul’s Neighborhood One Lap.” However, during my visit, I didn’t see the owner, so I couldn’t observe the process of dumplings being directly cooked in the oven.

“Four Types of Hwadeok Mandu”

Hwadeok Mandu comes in four flavors: sweet potato, pumpkin, red bean, and meat. Since I had already finished dinner, trying all four flavors seemed a bit overwhelming. Thus, I decided to taste only one flavor, and I chose the meat mandu.

The price for one mandu was 2,500 won, which wasn’t overly burdensome. However, being oven-cooked, there was a distinct smoky flavor, different from the usual dumplings.

If you’ve visited Chinatown, it’s a must-try treat. Even if you’ve already had a meal, it’s a snack-worthy food, so I highly recommend giving it a try.

“Incheon Chinatown, Hwadeok Mandu Silrihyang”

  • Address: 50-2 Chinatown-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Phone: 032-762-5888
  • Operating Hours: (Daily) 12:00 – 20:00