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Klook Peak Tram Ride to Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

Another famous spot in Hong Kong where you can enjoy the city’s night view is Victoria Peak. Located at the heart of Hong Kong Island, Victoria Peak is a hill with various observatory buildings where you can take in the panoramic views of Hong Kong’s cityscape and the harbor. It is considered a must-visit destination in Hong Kong.

“Different Ways to Reach Victoria Peak”

There are three common methods to reach Victoria Peak, and among them, taking a taxi is usually the most convenient. However, many people opt to use the Peak Tram, which has a long history and offers a unique experience, making it a popular choice for ascending and descending from Victoria Peak.

The three primary ways to reach Victoria Peak are as follows:

  1. Taking a taxi
  2. Using the Peak Tram
  3. Taking Bus No. 15

“Hong Kong-Macau Trip: Last Day in Central Hong Kong”

For this Hong Kong-Macau trip, I planned to spend the first four days in Central and Tsim Sha Tsui on Hong Kong Island, and the rest of the time in Macau and Lantau Island. On the final day in Central, I decided to take the Peak Tram to enjoy the million-dollar view of Hong Kong’s skyline from a high vantage point.

“Klook-Purchased Tickets for Peak Tram, Sky Terrace, and Madame Tussauds”

For this trip, I meticulously planned the itinerary and purchased most of the tickets online in advance. It was a well-organized trip.

I had already purchased a Peak Tram ride ticket, along with admission to Sky Terrace and Madame Tussauds, through “Klook,” a travel ticket booking platform. As mentioned earlier, the Peak Tram is always crowded. Thankfully, with the online ticket, I didn’t have to wait in line to purchase tickets. However, even with the online ticket, there was still a considerable wait to board the tram at the platform.

“If You Purchase Tickets from Klook, Meeting Point”

The Peak Tram station for Victoria Peak is located in the Mid-levels area of Central. When purchasing tickets through Klook, it’s important to note that the meeting point is not at the Peak Tram station but at Central MRT Station, Exit K.

Personally, I didn’t carefully read the instructions after purchasing the ticket, so I initially went straight to the Peak Tram station. Later, I realized that the meeting point was Central MRT Station, Exit K. It was in Statue Square, and by finding Statue Square, I was able to easily join the group at the meeting point.

“Guide Providing Brief Information in Korean”

Gathering in front of Statue Square and then moving to the Peak Tram station served a simple purpose: the Peak Tram station can be quite complex. Therefore, we gathered at Statue Square first, and then proceeded together.

The guide assigned for the day had a basic understanding of Korean. However, it wasn’t a Korean person conducting the tour; it was a Hong Kong local who was learning Korean and providing simple explanations.

“On the Day I Purchased the 3-in-1 Ticket”

On this day, I purchased a “3-in-1” ticket package, which allowed entry to both the tram, Sky Terrace, and Madame Tussauds. If you’ve purchased the package with Madame Tussauds admission, you first receive the tram ticket, and later at the tram station, they provide you with the Madame Tussauds ticket.

When receiving the tickets, staff members were calling out names one by one in the midst of the bustling crowd. Both receiving and distributing the tickets were not easy tasks. (From now on, I hope to find a better method.)

“Separate Lines for Normal Track and Fast Track”

At the Peak Tram, there are separate lines for the fast track and normal track. Even though I waited in the fast track, which allows boarding without lining up, there were still many people waiting. Consequently, I still had to wait for a considerable amount of time.

This indicates that the Peak Tram to Victoria Peak is one of the popular tourist destinations in Hong Kong. Even after sending out two to three trams, I could only board after a while.

Since it was my first visit, I hadn’t anticipated such a long wait. Due to this unexpected delay, my original schedule was disrupted.

“After Reaching Victoria Peak, Enjoying Free Exploration”

Once on board the Peak Tram, there’s a noticeable incline. If you sit by the window on the right side, you can enjoy views of Hong Kong Island as you ascend.

After arriving at Victoria Peak, you’re free to explore without a group. From here, you can freely explore Victoria Peak and then board the Peak Tram for the descent.

Due to a lack of thorough research on the Peak Tram, the journey had many unexpected twists and turns. The unforeseen waiting times caused a delay in the travel schedule. However, I later learned that this place is considered one of Hong Kong’s top attractions, always bustling with visitors. Therefore, if you’re a first-time visitor to Hong Kong, I highly recommend taking the Peak Tram, even if it takes a bit of time.

“Central to Peak Tram Station in Hong Kong”