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The Peak Tram: Ascending Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

There are several ways to reach Victoria Peak, one of the highest points on Hong Kong Island, to enjoy the panoramic views of the city. The three most common methods are:

  1. Taking a taxi
  2. Using the Peak Tram
  3. Taking Bus No. 15

Among these, the Peak Tram is the most popular choice. Riding the Peak Tram to ascend to Victoria Peak can be a unique and memorable experience, as it is a distinctive mode of transportation in Hong Kong.

“The Peak Tram: Completed in 1888”

The Peak Tram, completed in 1888, is a living piece of Hong Kong’s history, having operated for over a century. Initially, it served as a means of transportation for British officials and tycoons constructing their mansions on Victoria Peak.

In its early days, from the start until 1926, the tram was divided into three classes. First Class was for government officials and wealthy residents of Victoria Peak, Second Class was for soldiers and police officers, and Third Class was designated for household staff working in the residents’ homes.

However, it has now evolved into a tram where passengers can board on a first-come, first-served basis, without class distinctions.

“Ascending Victoria Peak with the Peak Tram”

During this trip, I personally experienced riding the Peak Tram. I purchased a “3 in 1” package online in advance, which included a round-trip ticket for the Peak Tram, admission to Sky Terrace 428, and access to Madame Tussauds. I bought the package from “KLOOK,” and it cost around 40,000 KRW.

Of course, if you don’t wish to visit Madame Tussauds, you can choose a package that includes only the Peak Tram ride and Sky Terrace visit.

“Peak Tram Fare”

If you’re only using the Peak Tram, you can purchase tickets at the Peak Tram ticket booth. The fare is HKD 52 for a round trip and HKD 37 for a one-way ticket, based on adult rates.

“The Crowded Peak Tram Station”

The Peak Tram, which takes you up to Victoria Peak, is always bustling with many people. This reflects its popularity as a prominent tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Even with a pre-booking, I had to wait a considerable time at the station before finally boarding the tram.

The descent with the Peak Tram was similar. Due to the large crowds, the line didn’t seem to shorten, causing the travel time to be longer than anticipated. Since it was so crowded and the line didn’t seem to move, I decided to have dinner and spend a bit more time at the Sky Terrace before descending. Given the high volume of people, it’s advisable to mentally prepare for the Peak Tram ride and potential wait times.

“The Peak Tram Station for Central Victoria Peak”