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Japanese Convenience Store Snack: Dried Squid “Ikasoumen”

In Japan, you can find many delicious foods just by exploring convenience store snacks. In a previous program called “Battle Trip,” there was a scene where Sung Si-kyung bought and tasted an “egg sandwich” upon visiting Tokyo. The broadcast of Sung Si-kyung enjoying the egg sandwich actually led to an increase in sales of egg sandwiches in Japan.

“Snack Found in Japanese Convenience Stores: Ikasoumen”

While the egg sandwich is a famous product available in Japanese convenience stores, personally, I prefer another product that can be found in Japanese convenience stores— “Ikasoumen (いかそうめん).”

“A Product with Dried Squid Finely Sliced Like Noodles”

Ikasoumen is a food where dried squid is finely sliced, resembling noodles. It has a savory squid flavor, making it a popular snack, especially when paired with alcoholic drinks.

Though I’m not particularly fond of alcohol, I enjoy this product and sometimes buy it as a snack when visiting Japan.

The price is around 138 yen at Seven-Eleven. There are variations between Seven-Eleven and FamilyMart products in terms of packaging. While the taste is generally similar, I personally found the product sold at Seven-Eleven a bit more delicious. It could be because my first experience with this snack was with the Seven-Eleven version, and that flavor has stuck with me.

Fortunately, this product is now available in Korea as well. However, enjoying it in Japan is still more affordable, making it a snack I purchase one by one from Japanese convenience stores while traveling there.