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Singapore Bugis, Ice Cream Shop ‘Kane Mochi’

In Korea, we have ice cream called ‘Chalddeok Ice,’ a unique treat where ice cream is encased in rice cake. Similarly, in Singapore, you can find a comparable ice cream at a store named ‘Kane Mochi.’

‘Premium Ice Cream Shop in Singapore, Kane Mochi’

Kane Mochi, an ice cream company with stores in Singapore, Cambodia, Kuwait, Thailand, etc., is located in the Bugis area, connecting buildings through walkways near ‘Bugis Plus’ and the bridge linking ‘Bugis Junction.

‘Diverse Chalddeok Ice Cream at Kane Mochi’

At Kane Mochi, you can discover various flavors resembling Korea’s Chalddeok Ice. While Chalddeok Ice in Korea often offers limited flavors, here you can enjoy a variety, making it an exciting place to explore different tastes.

Prices start at SGD 2.3, approximately 2,000 won for basic flavors, with premium options at SGD 2.6, slightly more expensive than the basic ones.

Though not a deliberate destination, stumbling upon it provides an opportunity to savor a more sophisticated Chalddeok Ice-like experience at a reasonable price.

‘Singapore Bugis, Kane Mochi (KANE MOCHI)’

  • Address: #02-50, 201 Victoria St, Singapore 188067
  • Phone: +65 6509 1915
  • Operating Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
  • Website: https://www.kanemochi.com.sg