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Seoul Gongdeok ‘Emart Mapo Branch & Electromart’

Emart and Electromart are large-scale marts operated by the Shinsegae Group. Opening its first store, Changdong Store, in Chang-dong, Dobong-gu, Seoul, on November 12, 1993, it marked the beginning of large-scale retail stores in South Korea. Now, it has become a mart that you can find all over the country.

While Emart initially started with a focus on selling necessities, nowadays, it is gradually transforming into a shopping mall. Additionally, Electromart, one of the specialty stores inside Emart, is trending to be present in various Emart locations.

“Emart Mapo Branch You Can Find Near Gongdeok Station, Seoul”

Near Gongdeok Station, located at the transportation hub in Seoul’s Mapo area, you can find Emart. Operating under the name Emart Mapo Branch, this store also includes Electromart.

Gongdeok Station is particularly known for being a transportation hub where several subway lines pass through, including Line 5, Line 6, Gyeongui-Jungang Line, and Airport Railroad. Thanks to this, moving underground is mainly possible at Gongdeok Station. However, unfortunately, Emart itself does not have an underground section.

“Emart Mapo Branch Located Near Exit 7 of Gongdeok Station”

You can enter Emart Mapo Branch through Exit 7 of Gongdeok Station. Entering through the entrance on the 1st floor, you can first access Electromart, which houses electronic products.

Here, you can find various electronic devices, including products from Apple, Samsung, and more. Although I briefly stopped by to purchase a mouse, I couldn’t find one that suited my liking, so I ended up not making a purchase. Nevertheless, it serves as a place where residents in the Mapo and Gongdeok area can responsibly do their shopping for various products.

“Seoul Gongdeok Station, Emart Mapo Branch”