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Hysan Place: A Shopping Oasis in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay

Hong Kong is renowned not only for its culinary delights but also as a shopping haven, boasting easily accessible malls scattered across the city. In the heart of Hong Kong Island’s Causeway Bay area lies Hysan Place, a sprawling 17-story shopping mall managed by the Lee Gardens Group.

Hysan Place offers a vast array of shops, including Apple’s office and store. Additionally, visitors can find the Korean character merchandise store, LINE FRIENDS, providing a familiar and cheerful sight for fans abroad.

The mall also hosts major bookstores like Ching Pin Bookstore and tempts guests with a diverse range of branded stores.

“A Small Outdoor Oasis within the Mall”

Within the mall, one can also discover an outdoor garden on one of its floors. This integration of nature in the middle of a bustling city is a characteristic feature of many Hong Kong buildings, and Hysan Place is no exception. From this garden, visitors can take in views of the Causeway Bay area, with the juxtaposition of old and modern buildings leaving a lasting impression.

“Michelin Star Dining at Ho Hung Kee”

On the 12th floor of the mall, diners can explore the restaurant “Ho Hung Kee,” which has been awarded one Michelin star. In fact, on the day of the visit, the intention was specifically to dine at Ho Hung Kee. Unfortunately, a notice indicated that the restaurant had closed early for a staff gathering, leading to a somewhat perplexed search within the mall. Eventually, another restaurant was chosen for the evening.

Hysan Place, located in the bustling Causeway Bay area of Hong Kong, is a prime destination to find stores like Apple, LINE FRIENDS, bookshops, and more. It’s a worthwhile stop for any visitor.

“Hysan Place in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong”