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Hong Kong – Disneyland, Special Train ‘Mickey Train’

In Hong Kong Disneyland, there’s a train that excites visitors even before they arrive at the park. It’s a special train called the “Mickey Train” that runs from Sunny Bay Station to Disneyland.

“Disneyland in the Outskirts of Hong Kong’s Lantau Island”

Hong Kong Disneyland is located on the outskirts of Hong Kong’s Lantau Island. It’s an amusement park and resort, making it slightly less accessible. However, Disneyland has turned even this disadvantage into something special.

The “Disney Resort Line” operates from Sunny Bay Station to Disneyland. This is a route that you can transfer to from Hong Kong’s MTR subway system.

“Getting from Hong Kong Airport to Disneyland”

If we summarize the usual route to Disneyland from Hong Kong, it looks like this:

  1. Head to Tung Chung Station from Hong Kong Airport (using buses like S1, etc.).
  2. From Tung Chung Station, travel to Sunny Bay Station (via MTR Tung Chung Line).
  3. Transfer to the Disney Resort Line at Sunny Bay Station.

“The Special Train You’ll See at Sunny Bay: Mickey Train”

The Disney line that connects Sunny Bay Station and Disneyland operates with a unique concept. It’s a train themed after Mickey Mouse, known as the “Mickey Train.”

The train’s windows are shaped like Mickey Mouse, and even the handles inside the train symbolize Mickey Mouse. Throughout the train, you’ll find statues of characters from Disney animations.

Thanks to this, the train has a peculiar talent for filling passengers with excitement and anticipation even before arriving at Disneyland.

Although the journey from Sunny Bay Station to Disneyland is just one stop, the train ride takes a bit longer than expected. However, as you explore the charming designs and hidden characters throughout the train, the journey remains entertaining. In fact, riding this special train to Disneyland can intensify the sense of anticipation.

“Hong Kong, MTR Sunny Bay Station”