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Hong Kong Disneyland Resort – Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

In Hong Kong, you can find Disneyland. Disneyland is not located in the city center of Hong Kong, but on Lantau Island where Hong Kong International Airport is situated, on the outskirts of Lantau Island.

However, there is a special route from Sunny Bay Station to Disneyland, so transportation is not particularly inconvenient.

“Hotels at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort”

Hong Kong Disneyland also offers resorts where visitors can stay near the Disneyland amusement park. There are three hotels in the resort, each with slightly different facilities. The three hotels at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort are as follows:

  1. Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
  2. Disney Explorers Lodge
  3. Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

Although these three are located at slightly different distances, there are shuttle buses that operate between Disneyland and the hotels, making it convenient for transportation.

“Staying at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel”

During this trip to Hong Kong, I stayed at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel among the three hotels. Booking for a weekday stay cost around 160,000 KRW per night, but as my stay included a Friday night, the price increased to 240,000 KRW per night. It was a bit pricey, but unavoidable.

I considered staying at a relatively cheaper hotel nearby, but since Disneyland is on the outskirts of Hong Kong, it wasn’t easy to find suitable hotels in the vicinity. Additionally, it seemed like it would take a lot of time to travel between Disneyland and other hotels. Considering the price difference wasn’t significant, I decided to stay at a hotel within the Disneyland Resort.

Since I was staying alone, 240,000 KRW per night was quite a burden. However, if staying with multiple people or at least two people together, it wouldn’t be such a heavy cost.

“Disneyland FastPass Tickets”

When staying at the hotel, you receive a FastPass ticket that allows you to enter Disneyland without waiting in line. This is a small gift provided by the hotel. However, this ticket is for one-time use and allows you to enter one of five attractions quickly. The five attractions are as follows:

  1. Mickey’s PhilharMagic
  2. Mystic Manor
  3. Hyperspace Mountain
  4. Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
  5. Iron Man Experience

To use the FastPass ticket, you need to purchase a separate Disneyland admission ticket. You can either purchase the admission ticket from the hotel or directly at Disneyland.

“Charming Small Gifts Found Throughout the Hotel”

Upon entering the hotel room, you can find charming trinkets placed all around. You can explore various Mickey Mouse-themed items. Even consumables like slippers and shampoo have limited edition designs that can only be found at Disneyland, adding a small but special touch to the hotel.

Additionally, you can find small gifts hidden by Disney Hotel staff throughout the hotel room. You might come across small dolls or discover various discount coupons tucked away in drawers.

“Gifts Exchangeable at the Hotel Gift Shop”

There are various types of coupons, and I discovered them a bit late. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use most of the coupons, which was a bit disappointing. However, there was one coupon I could use: a gift exchange coupon. With this coupon, I was able to exchange it for a Disney character post-it at the souvenir shop on the 1st floor of Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.

“TVs for Enjoying Disney+”

At Disneyland Hotel, you can enjoy various Disney content. There are channels broadcasting a variety of Disney animations that you can watch in your room. They are provided in several languages, allowing you to watch your favorite movie according to your preferences.

“Hong Kong Disneyland’s Hollywood Hotel Resort”

Taking a look at the hotel room, let’s also explore the overall facilities of Disney’s Hollywood Resort. The rooms are housed in a six-story building. Personally, I was assigned a room on the highest floor.

The building isn’t very tall, which comes with several advantages. One of the biggest advantages is that you can quickly board the elevators. Unlike other Hong Kong buildings, which are influenced by the UK and call the first floor the “Ground Floor” and the second floor the “First Floor,” Disney Hotel is operated by an American company, so it follows our naming convention where the first floor is the first floor, and the second floor is the second floor.

“Restaurants at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel”

The hotel features three restaurants and a café. The most notable is the buffet-style restaurant called “Chef Mickey’s.” During breakfast here, characters dressed as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse make appearances to take pictures with guests. However, due to this service, the price is quite high. The meal fee per person is HKD 548.

There are also two other restaurants. One offers meals while watching movies, and the other, named “Hollywood & Dine,” sells relatively cheaper food. However, this place is also on the expensive side overall.

The food prices were completely unexpected, and I unintentionally ended up fasting during my stay. Since I was traveling alone, I opted for the relatively cheaper “Hollywood & Dine,” where I had a meal. Even so, the food sold here was disappointingly expensive compared to its quality. A dish consisting of four dumplings and mashed potatoes cost HKD 177, which is approximately 25,000 KRW. This was for a dish that didn’t quite match up in terms of quality and quantity.

They also sell simple drinks and snacks. A bottle of cola was priced at HKD 32, which is around 4,600 KRW, making it about 2-3 times more expensive than regular cola.

“Gift Shop on the 1st Floor of the Hotel”

You can find a souvenir shop on the 1st floor of the hotel. However, compared to the souvenirs you can find inside Disneyland, it’s relatively small and offers a limited variety of items.

However, for some items, you can purchase them at a lower price. There are items sold at a 50% discount, but not all items are applicable.

“Free Arcade on the 1st Floor”

You can find a small arcade on the 1st floor. Here, you can enjoy games mostly for free. However, since the hotel accommodation fee itself is quite expensive and there’s hardly a reason for travelers to spend time in this arcade, it doesn’t hold much significance.

“Outdoor Garden and Pool on the 1st Floor”

If you go out through the back door of the hotel, you’ll come across a small pool and garden. Here, you can find a sculpture with the words “Hollywood” written on it.

When I went out to the garden early in the morning, I saw many people taking commemorative photos.

You can also visit the pool, but it wasn’t open yet. I visited in March, and although March in Hong Kong is considered to have relatively warm weather compared to Korea, it’s still perceived as somewhat cool by locals. Therefore, it seemed like the pool wasn’t in operation yet.

The hotel room’s charming services and the room’s condition were overall satisfactory. However, I was perplexed by the high prices of meals and food. Nevertheless, the overall satisfaction was high, and if I ever visit again, I might consider preparing snacks or food in advance to reduce the economic burden.

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