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Traveling to Disneyland from Hong Kong HZMB Bus Terminal

I returned to Hong Kong from Macau via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB). When using the HZMB bus, instead of arriving at Hong Kong Airport, you arrive at the “HZMB Bus Terminal,” located to the east of Hong Kong Airport. Just like at the airport, you’ll go through immigration at the Hong Kong “HZMB Terminal.”

“The Quiet Hong Kong HZMB Terminal”

During my visit to the Macau HZMB Bus Terminal, it seemed that not many people were aware of it at the time, resulting in a tranquil atmosphere. The bus from Macau to Hong Kong also had only about two passengers, so the terminal was quite serene.

The Hong Kong HZMB Bus Terminal was similarly peaceful. Although the terminal itself was quite spacious, there weren’t many passengers.

“Getting to Disneyland from Hong Kong HZMB Bus Terminal”

After spending four nights and five days in the heart of Hong Kong Island, followed by a two-night, three-day trip in Macau, I returned to Hong Kong to spend time in the Lantau Island area of Hong Kong.

My next destination was Disneyland. To get there, I needed to travel to Sunny Bay Station.

Luckily, inside the “HZMB Bus Terminal,” there was a booth for Disneyland, where I inquired about the way. It seemed that when they initially planned the HZMB Terminal, they intended to operate buses directly from the terminal to Hong Kong Disneyland, but currently, that service was not available.

Nevertheless, I was able to take a bus from the HZMB Terminal, reach Sunny Bay Station, and then transfer to the MTR (subway) to get to Disneyland.

“Bus B5: HZMB Bus Terminal – Sunny Bay Station”

Boarding the “B5” bus at the HZMB Bus Terminal will take you to Sunny Bay Station. The bus fare is HKD 5.8, approximately KRW 800 to 900. Payment with an Octopus card is possible, and tickets can also be purchased at the booth at the bus stop. However, I purchased a ticket from the booth at the time, as my Octopus card had a negative balance.

“The Bus Ride: Approximately 15-20 Minutes”

Once on the bus, you’ll be en route to Sunny Bay Station. It’s a short journey of just one stop, but it does take a bit of time due to traffic conditions. Depending on traffic, the journey takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

If you find yourself getting a little impatient, you’ll arrive at Sunny Bay Station soon.

“Entering Disneyland from Sunny Bay Station”

After alighting at Sunny Bay Station, you can transfer to the MTR to enter Disneyland. At Sunny Bay Station, you can board a special train that exclusively runs to Disneyland.

Unlike the regular MTR routes, this train is designated solely for Disneyland. It’s known as the Mickey Train, adorned with Mickey Mouse themes.

The day I visited Disneyland fell on a Friday. Perhaps because it was a Friday afternoon, I noticed many families heading to Disneyland. Especially heartwarming was seeing the excited children boarding the train with anticipation.

“Hong Kong, HZMB Terminal”

  • Address: HZMB Hong Kong Port