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Kyoto Arashiyama, Boating Scene at the Pier “Ranryo Pilgrimage” (2023)

After spending time at Arashiyama Monkey Park, we descended from the mountain. As we descended, the scenic beauty of Arashiyama caught our eyes. Even during my previous visit in 2018, this place exuded a sense of tranquility and offered breathtaking views. Returning this time, I find myself experiencing the same emotions once again.

In 2018, some scenic views went unnoticed, such as the picturesque boating scene. In Arashiyama, you can enjoy “Katsuragawa Funewatashi (boating)” activities. There are two types of boating experiences: one involves rowing a boat yourself, and the other is a chartered sightseeing boat accompanied by a boatman. The boating fees are the same for one or two passengers, with a slight increase for three or more. The duration of the boat ride is approximately 30 minutes. For the chartered sightseeing boat, the cost is 3,500 yen for 1-2 people, with an additional 1,100 yen per person for groups of three or more.

“Boating Scene in Kyoto Arashiyama”

Although we didn’t partake in boating, upon descending from Monkey Park, we witnessed a crowd enjoying the boating experience. With the scenic view of Togetsukyo Bridge in the background, we took a moment to appreciate the sight of people immersed in boating activities. Some struggled with rowing, getting pushed to the side, but in such cases, boatmen were readily available to assist.

Arashiyama was originally developed as a retreat for nobles to enjoy the beauty of nature and engage in leisure activities. It has been redeveloped into a tourist destination, particularly renowned for its stunning autumn foliage and cherry blossoms in spring.

“The Scenery of Arashiyama”

Capturing the scenes of people enjoying boating and the unique atmosphere of Arashiyama, we paused for a while before moving on to the next destination. Arashiyama never fails to evoke a sense of peacefulness every time I visit.

“Kyoto Arashiyama, Arashiyama Tsusen South Boarding Area (Yakatabune, Rental Boat)”