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Gimpo Airport Lotte Mall Bookstore “Youngpoong”

Gimpo Airport Lotte Mall is a large-scale shopping mall that houses Lotte Department Store, Lotte Mart, and Lotte Hi-Mart. In such large shopping malls, you can typically find major bookstores, and at Lotte Mall, you can find “Youngpoong Bookstore.”

“Gimpo Airport Lotte Mall Bookstore: Youngpoong”

Youngpoong Bookstore is a large-scale bookstore that can be found throughout South Korea, alongside Kyobo Bookstore. In Jongno, you can find the main branch of Youngpoong Bookstore, and various branches can be found all over the country. The Youngpoong Bookstore at Gimpo Airport Lotte Mall is located on the B2 floor. When you enter the mall through the subway station, you’ll find yourself on the B2 floor.

On the B2 floor, you can find various restaurants and shops, and Youngpoong Bookstore is also located here, making it easily noticeable.

“A Large-Scale Bookstore Inside Lotte Mall: Youngpoong”

Youngpoong Bookstore is one of the large-scale bookstores, so it occupies a spacious area inside Lotte Mall. This provides the advantage of being able to find a wide range of books.

Inside the Youngpoong Bookstore, there is an “Angel-in-us” café. You can spend time there, sitting in the café, and reading books from the bookstore.

“Gimpo Mall within Walking Distance from Gimpo Airport”

Gimpo Airport Lotte Mall is a comprehensive shopping mall located adjacent to Gimpo Airport. It is connected by an underground passage, allowing for easy access on foot. Thanks to this, if you happen to arrive at the airport too early before your departure, it’s a great place to browse and do some shopping.

Alternatively, after returning from your trip, if you need to have a meal or do some shopping right nearby, it’s also a convenient option. Youngpoong Bookstore at Lotte Mall is a great place to purchase any books you may need before your departure.

“Gimpo: Youngpoong Bookstore at Gimpo Airport Lotte Mall”

  • Address: 38 Haneul-gil, Lotte Mall Sky Park B2, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, 07505, South Korea
  • Phone: 02-6116-5544
  • Operating Hours: Daily 10:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Website: http://www.ypbooks.co.kr/m_main.yp