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Gangneung Central Market: Sampling a Variety of Delicacies

Gangneung Central Market is located in the heart of Gangneung city. It has been a permanent market since before the Japanese occupation period and served as the logistics center for the Gangwon Yeongdong region. Another name for Gangneung Central Market is “Seongnam Market,” named after the district “Seongnam-dong” in Gangneung, Gangwon Province.

“Gangneung Wolhwa Street Adjacent to Gangneung Central Market”

Gangneung Central Market is also adjacent to Wolhwa Street. Gangneung Wolhwa Street is a downtown park created along an abandoned railway track, named after the love story of Muhwalang and Yeonhwa, which was the inspiration for Chunhyangjeon.

The unique feature of this area is the various restaurants and distinctive shops lining both sides of the long street, offering a wide range of food options.

“A Variety of Delicacies at Gangneung Central Market”

While you can witness the traditional market scene at Gangneung Central Market, you can also feel a modern touch in the well-maintained market.

Moreover, it’s a place where you can taste various street foods. As soon as you enter, you can find foods like 10-won bread and old-fashioned sandwiches being sold.

Once inside the market, you can easily spot restaurants serving dakgangjeong (sweet and spicy chicken). Places like Myeongseong Dakgangjeong and Beni Dakgangjeong seemed to be quite renowned. In addition to these, you can discover a diverse array of distinctive foods, such as odeng korokke (fish cake croquettes), gamjatteok (potato pancakes), dakkkochi (chicken skewers), kimchi malle samgyeopsal (kimchi and pork belly), garlic bread, jeon (Korean pancakes), ice cream hotteok (sweet pancakes), and jjambbong bread (spicy seafood noodle bread). The street food prices are quite reasonable, and with such a variety, it’s a great place to sample different dishes.

“Ox Head Soup Alley”

If you venture further into the market, you may come across restaurants serving ox head soup. This area could be referred to as “Ox Head Soup Alley,” with Gwangdeok Sikdang being particularly famous. During our visit, we tried ox head soup at a place called Imgyesikdang, which is located next to Gwangdeok Sikdang.

“Dried Seafood Shop Street”

As you go out to the main road, you’ll see a row of dried seafood shops. Squid is a famous specialty in Gangneung.

Here, you can purchase various dried squids at affordable prices. I bought a pack of five small-sized squids for 15,000 KRW. The price may vary depending on the size, and you can find even cheaper ones, starting from around 1,500 KRW per squid.

This market offers a unique and diverse range of snacks and foods to try, making it a great place for affordable and hearty meals, as well as shopping to boost the local economy for tourists.

Especially, the dried seafood available at Gangneung Central Market is quite reasonably priced, making it a good place to purchase souvenirs.

“Gangneung Central Market”

  • Address: 21 Geumseong-ro, Gangneung, Gangwon Province (Zip code: 25543)
  • Phone: 033-648-2285
  • Website: www.gncmarket.com