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Wolhwa Street, Chunhyangjeon-themed Street in Gangneung

Located adjacent to Gangneung Central Market, “Wolhwa Street” is a focal point of Gangneung travel. After purchasing delicious street food at the diverse offerings of Gangneung Central Market, visitors can head over to Wolhwa Street to enjoy their meals.

Wolhwa Street is a downtown park created along an abandoned railway track. It was named “Wolhwa Street” as it is themed after the poignant love story of “Muwolryang and Yeonhwabuin,” which inspired Chunhyangjeon, a story unique to Gangneung.

With its compelling storyline and a setting everyone would want to walk through, Wolhwa Street offers an enchanting space where visitors can enjoy tasty food, performances, exhibitions, and more. Geographically located in the heart of Gangneung, it serves as a focal point for Gangneung travel.

“Gangneung Wolhwa Street”

Spanning 2.6 kilometers from Gangneung Station to Buhyeong Village, Wolhwa Street is a street park with various sections, each showcasing a different theme. The entrance to Wolhwa Street is “Mal Nanumteo Park,” followed by “Pungmul Market” at Imdang Plaza, and next to Homeplus is “History and Culture Plaza.” The central area and Seongnam Market region are developed as “Life and Culture Plaza.”

“A Neatly Lined Wolhwa Street”

Wolhwa Street is immaculately designed based on this story. At the location where Wolhwa Station used to be, you can find the “Wolhwa Street” sculpture. Nearby, you can also discover shops selling Gangneung’s famous “Jjamppong Bread.”

To the west of the street lies Central Market (Seongnam Market), and to the right, there are small yet charming shops lining up, providing plenty of things to see and enjoy.

Compared to Seoul, Wolhwa Street resembles the “Central Park” in Yeonnam-dong, known as the “Gyeongui Line Forest Trail,” as it utilizes an old railway track to create a long-shaped park. It has become a prominent attraction in Gangneung, akin to its Seoul counterpart.

With a multitude of unique shops and diverse food options, and its proximity to Gangneung Central Market, this area is an essential destination for any Gangneung trip.

“Gangneung Wolhwa Street”

  • Address: 2111 Gyeonggang-ro, Gangneung, Gangwon Province (Postal Code: 25532)