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Enjoying a View of Mount Fuji from the Plane to Tokyo, Japan

When traveling from South Korea to Tokyo, Japan, you may have the opportunity to admire Mount Fuji from the airplane if the weather is clear. However, as it involves looking at Mount Fuji from the plane, careful seat selection is crucial to fully appreciate the scenic view.

“Viewing Mount Fuji from an Aircraft”

To appreciate the breathtaking scenery of Mount Fuji from an airplane, strategic seat selection is essential, and favorable weather conditions are equally important.

In some cases, when boarding a Japanese airline, on clear days, the captain may greet passengers with a message like, “Today, the weather is clear, and you may see Mount Fuji a few minutes after takeoff.”

“JAL, for Haneda-bound Flights”

To optimize the experience of Mount Fuji, you need to secure a window seat in the right direction. For Japan Airlines (JAL), different flight routes offer varying views. For example, flights “Y56” and “Y58” departing from Haneda allow you to see Mount Fuji on the right side.

For other flights like “Y884, Y18, Y20, Y28,” you can enjoy the view from the left window seat, as Mount Fuji will be visible to the south on these routes.

“In General”

In general, when flying from South Korea (Incheon/Gimpo) to Japan (Narita/Haneda), securing a window seat on the right side allows you to view Mount Fuji. Conversely, when flying from Japan (Narita/Haneda) to South Korea (Incheon/Gimpo), a window seat on the left side provides a clear view of Mount Fuji. In summary:

  • From South Korea (Incheon/Gimpo) to Japan (Narita/Haneda): Right window seat
  • From Japan (Narita/Haneda) to South Korea (Incheon/Gimpo): Left window seat