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Hong Kong Airport – Incheon Airport, Asiana Airlines OZ 746

The airline I used for this trip to Hong Kong was Asiana Airlines. When flying from Incheon Airport to Hong Kong Airport, I boarded the “OZ 745” flight, and on the return journey, I took the “OZ 746” flight.

The “OZ 746” flight was an aircraft I hadn’t experienced before, and it had two levels.

“The Airbus A380 model of OZ 746”

Asiana Airlines’ “OZ 746” model uses Airbus’ A380 model. The Airbus model looks quite different from conventional passenger planes, with the most noticeable feature being that the entire fuselage has two levels, allowing for the transportation of even more passengers.

The A380 model had its delivery ceremony at Airbus headquarters in Toulouse, France on May 26, 2014. It first arrived at Incheon Airport on April 29 of the same year and began its first operation in South Korea on June 13 of the same year.

“Flight operating from Hong Kong Airport to Incheon Airport”

“OZ 746” is a flight that connects Incheon Airport in South Korea and Hong Kong Airport. The schedule may vary slightly depending on the period, but as a general guide, it operates on the following schedule for five days a week:

  • Incheon Airport to Hong Kong Airport: Departure at 19:50 – Arrival at 22:40
  • Hong Kong Airport to Incheon Airport: Departure at 12:40 – Arrival at 5:10

Among these, the flight I took was the overnight flight from Hong Kong Airport to Incheon Airport.

“Economy Class”

The return flight was also in Economy Class, and it was relatively comfortable, possibly because the plane was newer. Compared to the “OZ 745” flight I took when entering Hong Kong Airport from Incheon Airport, it was even more pleasant.

The personal monitor was also of better quality, with a touchscreen feature, allowing for convenient viewing.

Through the personal monitor, I could watch movies, listen to music, and more. Even though it was a night flight and I originally planned to rest, I couldn’t resist using the excellent monitor, so I enjoyed watching the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the way back.

“Asiana Airlines’ In-flight Meal”

The in-flight meal on the return flight included rice and porridge. Since I had already had a meal shortly before boarding, I opted for the porridge.

The in-flight meal consisted of porridge, bread, and salad. It was a simple and ordinary menu.

“Flight Arrived Much Earlier Than Expected”

Before departure, I was informed that we would arrive at Incheon Airport around 5:00 AM. However, whether due to smooth flying or other reasons, we actually arrived at Incheon Airport approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes after departing from Hong Kong Airport.

Taking into account the time difference, we arrived in South Korea at around 4:40 AM local time, which was about 20 minutes earlier than the originally estimated time.

“Hong Kong Airport – Incheon Airport, Asiana Airlines OZ 746”