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City of Dreams (COD) Hotel & Resort in Cotai, Macau

Cotai, Macau, is an area known for hosting most of the luxury resorts that come to mind when one thinks of Macau. It’s a complex space comprising hotels, resorts, and commercial areas like The Venetian, Parisian, Studio City, and Sands.

Among them, you can point to “City of Dreams (COD)” as the central complex space in the Cotai area.

“Shopping Mall in Cotai, Macau – City of Dreams (COD)”

Just like other large hotels and resorts near Cotai, City of Dreams (COD) in Macau Cotai area operates as a complex shopping mall. Within City of Dreams (COD), you’ll find various hotels like Hard Rock, Crown Towers, Grand Hyatt, as well as a casino, shopping mall, and a performance venue, showcasing its considerable scale.

“City of Dreams (COD), Designed with Water Motifs”

Each complex shopping mall in Cotai, Macau, has its unique concept. In the case of “COD,” it’s themed around water. Crown Towers Hotel embodies raindrops, Hard Rock Hotel features whirlpools, Grand Hyatt Hotel represents waves, and the theater is shaped like water droplets.

“Explore Various Spaces at COD”

Similar to other complex spaces in Cotai, Macau, the interior of COD is also operated on a significant scale. This means you might even find yourself losing your way due to its vastness.

Inside, you can explore various stores, including brand shops, restaurants, exhibition spaces, a casino, and hotels. COD is sizable enough to cater to all your needs right within its premises.

“The House of Dancing Water Show”

City of Dreams is the place where you can witness the well-known show “The House of Dancing Water” in Macau. Not only that, there’s also a 3D bubble show called “Dragon’s Treasure.” While this show was previously free, it has now become a paid attraction.

“The House of Dancing Water” show is considered a must-see performance in Macau, to the extent that it can be considered a representative performance of Macau.

“Various Shuttle Buses Operated by COD”

City of Dreams, like other hotels, also operates various routes of free shuttle buses. Especially, it’s a representative shopping mall that operates free shuttle buses connecting the downtown Macau Peninsula area and the Cotai area.

Personally, when traveling between the Macau Peninsula area and the Cotai area, I often used the shuttle buses provided by COD.

“COD Membership Sign-up”

Upon signing up as a member, they also give out commemorative gifts. In fact, when I visited Macau, I had no knowledge of such information. After spending time at City of Dreams and deciding to return to the hotel later in the evening, I visited the booth labeled “Guest Services” to ask about the shuttle bus information.

The location for boarding the shuttle bus at City of Dreams was in the underground area of the southern entrance. Before entering the underground area, I noticed a small counter. This was it.

The staff at the “Guest Services” booth kindly provided me with information about the shuttle bus. After confirming the shuttle bus information, I was about to leave, but in my enthusiasm, I thought, “Well, I’ll just wait here until 11 o’clock, and then I’ll go to the casino or some other place.” The staff then asked me if I had a “casino membership card.”

Since I didn’t have one, the staff explained it to me. With a COD membership card, you can load points on the card and use it like money in the casino, as well as use it to purchase items or food in the stores and affiliated companies within COD. Moreover, membership registration is free, and they can make the card for you right away if you show your passport. So, I went ahead and got the card.

“Complimentary Gifts upon Card Creation”

After creating the card, I received various commemorative gifts. While I didn’t plan on playing games in the casino anyway, I intended to treat the card itself as a souvenir. However, they also gave me other souvenirs, so I was thankful.

Overall, I felt that people were very kind, perhaps because it’s a country with a high GDP. From the free shuttle bus to the complimentary gifts, everything seemed to have a generous touch. The gifts I received that day were a helmet-shaped keychain and admission for the “Ferrari: Under The Skin” exhibition being held at COD.

“A Convenient Shuttle Bus Service”

After completing the COD membership sign-up, I was able to use the free shuttle bus provided by COD with a light heart. I saw in blog posts written by other bloggers that in some hotels, they sometimes ask for casino vouchers or hotel receipts related to the use of the shuttle bus. However, in the case of COD, I felt that simply showing the membership card would solve everything. (Of course, I’ve never been asked for proof like a receipt while using the free shuttle bus during my trip to Macau.)

If you plan to visit COD, I recommend visiting, signing up for membership, and taking the souvenir gifts.

“Macau Cotai, City of Dreams (COD)”