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Macau Peninsula – Cotai: COD Free Shuttle Buses

In Macau, many large hotels and resorts operate free shuttle buses, which is a great advantage as it significantly reduces transportation costs while traveling in Macau.

This was even depicted in a scene from the drama “Boys Over Flowers,” where Geum Jan-di, played by Ku Hye-sun, boards a free shuttle bus at a Macau hotel.

If you’re interested in a list of free shuttle bus routes provided by Macau hotels, you can click on the link below.

“COD Shuttle Buses Connecting Macau Peninsula and Cotai”

Although there aren’t many routes that connect Macau Peninsula, the old town area, with the densely populated luxury hotels and resorts in the Cotai area, fortunately, the complex shopping mall “City of Dreams (COD)” located at the center of Cotai offers a shuttle bus service that continuously connects these two areas.

“Boarding the Shuttle Bus at City of Dreams”

On the first day of my trip to Macau, I entered the Cotai area and needed to return to the Macau Peninsula where my hotel was located. Thanks to the shuttle bus provided by “City of Dreams (COD),” I was able to return.

The last bus departs at 11:00 PM, and just before that, there’s a bus at 10:40 PM. Personally, I thought it might be a bit risky to catch the last bus, so I boarded the one right before it.

To board the bus, you need to go down to the underground area at the south entrance, which is indicated as the way to the bus terminal on the escalator leading to the underground area. There are several bus routes at the bus stop. By checking the sign and standing in line for the route you want to take, you can board the bus. When you arrive at your destination, there won’t be any special announcements, so you’ll need to pay attention to when others disembark and follow suit.

“Taking the Bus from Macau Peninsula to Cotai”

The reverse is also possible. Buses from Macau Peninsula to Cotai are provided by “COD” as well. You can refer to the map I shared earlier to find the boarding location.

At the shuttle bus boarding location in Macau Peninsula, you’ll see shuttles from various hotels, including “COD.” Simply choose the route you want to take and board the bus.

Since hotels in Macau provide shuttle buses for free, it’s perfectly fine to use the service even if you’re not staying at the hotel.

Personally, during my recent trip to Macau, the shuttle bus route provided by “COD” was the one I used the most. Thanks to it, I didn’t have to spend a single penny on transportation during my trip to Macau.

“Macau Cotai, City of Dreams (COD)”