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Singapore, taxi reservation app “Grab”

Although not available in Korea, there is an app that provides a service similar to taxis globally, not exactly taxis. It’s called “Uber.”

While Uber is prohibited in Korea, it is available in many other countries. In Singapore, Uber is accessible, but locals prefer the “Grab” service, known as a “vehicle-sharing service.”

“Uber of Southeast Asia, Grab”

In Southeast Asia, including Singapore and Malaysia, “Grab” is favored over Uber.

Grab is considered the Uber of Southeast Asia, similar to how Korea has “Kakao Taxi” instead of Uber. Grab, launched in 2012 as “MYTEKSI,” is now widely used across various Southeast Asian countries under the name “Grab.”

“Service available in 8 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Myanmar.”

Grab operates in eight Southeast Asian countries, but service availability varies, with specific cities allowed in each country.

Singapore, being a small city-state, allows Grab’s use throughout. The locals in Singapore extensively use the Grab service.

“Reserved taxi service available in Singapore, Grab.”

The Grab service in Southeast Asia operates similarly to Uber. Users register by providing their phone number, input the desired destination on the map, and a taxi driver registered with Grab picks them up. It closely resembles the Uber service but has a localized feel.

“Using Grab, you can estimate the taxi fare in advance.”

Singapore’s taxi fares are known for their complexity with various surcharges, making it hard to predict. However, using Uber or Grab allows users to have a rough estimate of the fare before taking a taxi. The displayed amount is not the final cost, as it doesn’t include fees like “ERP” and waiting time. It serves as an informative estimate.

Here, we’ve explored the taxi reservation application “Grab” available in Southeast Asia, including Singapore. Trying out “Grab” as a unique transportation option while traveling in Singapore could be a valuable experience.

“Grab (GRAB)”