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“Apple Store” in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Apple, now a global corporation, has established Apple Stores in major cities around the world. In Hong Kong, there are currently six Apple Store locations.

In what we generally consider as Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula area, there are three stores. Additionally, three more Apple Stores can be found in the surrounding outer areas. Among them, in the heart of Hong Kong, known as Central, you can visit the Apple Store at IFC Mall. In the eastern part of Central, in the area known as “Causeway Bay,” you can also find an Apple Store.

“Apple Store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong for Experiencing Apple Products”

The Apple Store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong is located in a large shopping mall called “Hysan Place.” Hysan Place is a 17-story mega shopping complex, and the Apple Store can be found on the first floor of the building.

However, it’s important to note that in most buildings in the Hong Kong Island area, they use the British system, so what we refer to as the “1st floor” is called the “Ground Floor,” and our concept of the 2nd floor is referred to as the 1st floor. Therefore, you can say the Apple Store is located on the 2nd floor of Hysan Place.

“Explore a Variety of Apple Products in the Store”

Apple Stores, operated directly by Apple, follow the same format no matter which one you visit worldwide. In the store, you can directly interact with a variety of Apple products and receive assistance from staff for any inquiries. Additionally, if you wish to make a purchase, you can do so.

If you encounter any issues while using an Apple product, you can also get after-sales service, and similarly, the Apple Store in Hysan Place operates in the same manner.

“Zach King Video Editing Workshop”

Apple hosts various free workshops under the name “Today at Apple.” The Apple Store in Hong Kong also hosts these free workshops, conducted in Cantonese.

Since it was conducted in Cantonese, I couldn’t precisely discern the content, but it appeared to be about how to edit videos in the style of the famous “Zach King,” known for his video illusions.

The workshop involved shooting and editing a video to create an illusion where a basketball turns into a chair. This type of video editing personally piqued my interest, and if it weren’t for the language barrier and the approaching dinner time, I would have been eager to participate in the session. Unfortunately, this time I could only observe from a distance before moving on for a meal.

“Apple Store in Causeway Bay, Hysan Place, Hong Kong”