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Andong Jjimdak Alley Specialized Jjimdak Restaurant “Peace Jjimdak”

When it comes to representative dishes that come to mind when mentioning Andong, “Jjimdak” is likely one of them. Other than that, “Gangodeung-eo (salted mackerel), Andong Soju” might also come to mind.

Since I was visiting Andong, I thought I must try Andong Jjimdak before leaving. Fortunately, Andong has an area called “Jjimdak Alley,” where you can find various Jjimdak restaurants.

“Andong Jjimdak Alley”

Andong Jjimdak Alley can be found west of Andong’s Gu Market. Finding parking can be a bit challenging if you’re trying to visit the market. However, you can find a paid parking lot across from “IBK Industrial Bank.” The parking fee is 1,000 won for the first 30 minutes, and an additional 500 won is charged for every 30 minutes thereafter.

After parking across from IBK Industrial Bank and heading south, you’ll come across “No Brand” on your right. After No Brand, take a right turn into the alley and continue straight to find Jjimdak Alley.

“Andong Jjimdak Alley: Peace Market”

In Andong Jjimdak Alley, you can find various Jjimdak restaurants. The place we visited on that day was “Peace Market.” Since we visited on a quiet Tuesday, it wasn’t too crowded.

Jjimdak comes in different sizes, with different prices. There are medium and large sizes. The prices are 28,000 won for medium size and 43,000 won for large size. Here are the menu options at Peace Jjimdak:

  • Andong Jjimdak: (Large) 43,000 won, (Medium) 28,000 won
  • Garlic Chicken: 20,000 won
  • Seasoned Whole Chicken: 20,000 won
  • Fried Chicken: 20,000 won
  • Steamed Rice: 1,000 won
  • Andong Soju: (21%) 10,000 won, (40%) 14,000 won
  • Bokbunja (Korean Black Raspberry Wine): 14,000 won
  • Baekseju (Traditional Korean Liquor): 8,000 won
  • Soju: 4,000 won
  • Beer: 4,000 won
  • Makgeolli (Korean Rice Wine): 4,000 won
  • Soft Drinks: 2,000 won

Since there were two of us, we thought the medium size would be sufficient, so we ordered that. Impressively, the tray holding the Jjimdak was quite large, making quite an impression.

“A Generously Sized Andong Jjimdak”

Honestly, these days you can find famous local foods nationwide, so I didn’t feel a significant difference eating Andong Jjimdak in Andong. However, the significance lies in actually eating Jjimdak in Andong.

“If there were some improvements…”

Overall, we enjoyed the meal. However, there were some areas that left us slightly unsatisfied. When the Jjimdak first arrived on the tray, it was warm and delicious. However, as we ate, and the Jjimdak cooled down, the taste started to diminish. It would be great if there were some way to keep it warm, perhaps using a solid fuel or a burner.

Also, if there was a menu option to serve the Jjimdak broth over fried rice, it would be even better. Eating fried rice with the savory Jjimdak sauce would be more delicious than simply having it with steamed rice.

Even with these minor points in mind, Andong Jjimdak is still a must-try menu item if you’re visiting Andong. I highly recommend exploring Andong Jjimdak Alley without skipping it during your Andong trip.

“Andong Jjimdak Alley Specialized Jjimdak Restaurant, Peace Market”

  • Address: 11 Byeonyeong-gil, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do 36695
  • Phone: 054-853-9998
  • Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM