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“Kim Kwang-seok Remembrance Street” in Daebong-dong, Daegu

Daebong Market in Daegu, Daegu, is now known as the birthplace of the late singer Kim Kwang-seok. Since 2010, Daegu City has turned this place into a tourist attraction called “Kim Kwang-seok Remembrance Street.”

“Kim Kwang-seok Remembrance Street” is not a longstanding tourist spot, as it was established in 2010. It may not be well-known to Daegu locals, but it is actually more recognized by visitors from outside the city.

At that time, Daegu was focused on revitalizing traditional markets and tourism. With the participation of young cultural artists who were envisioning Daegu’s cultural district at the time, they transformed this place into a tourist spot, creating many things related to Kim Kwang-seok, including murals, a street, and a statue.

“Streets Depicting Kim Kwang-seok, Kim Kwang-seok Remembrance Street”

“Kim Kwang-seok Remembrance Street” is a street themed around Kim Kwang-seok, so you can see various content related to him throughout. Murals of Kim Kwang-seok are painted in various places, and his songs continuously play in the street.

Just walking along the alley and listening to Kim Kwang-seok’s songs provides a truly special experience. It’s a great place to get lost in old memories while listening to Kim Kwang-seok’s songs of the past.

“A Variety of Cafes and Restaurants on the Street”

You can also find various cafes and restaurants on Kim Kwang-seok Remembrance Street. This has transformed the area into a place that offers plenty of things to see and do for tourists, even in Daegu where tourist attractions may be lacking. You can find uniquely decorated cafes with a retro style, as well as places offering entertainment like sticker photos and arcades.

“Public Parking Lot at Kim Kwang-seok Remembrance Street”

For those visiting by car, there is a public parking lot available. The parking fee is relatively affordable, and even if you walk around and come back, it won’t be overly expensive. The initial 30 minutes cost 1,000 won, and an additional 500 won is charged for every 10 minutes thereafter. The maximum daily parking fee is 10,000 won.

“Kim Kwang-seok Commemorative Concert”

Every January 6th, a “Kim Kwang-seok Commemorative Concert” is held on the street. Additionally, on January 22nd each year, a concert is held to commemorate Kim Kwang-seok’s birthday. There is an outdoor performance stage set up on Kim Kwang-seok Street, which is open for anyone to use. However, it is necessary to make a declaration and obtain permission before holding a performance.

In fact, while touring Kim Kwang-seok Remembrance Street, I was able to witness a group performing in the concert venue.

“Kim Kwang-seok Street Almost Became Yang Joon-hyuk Street”

Kim Kwang-seok Street almost became Yang Joon-hyuk Street. Yang Joon-hyuk, a franchise baseball player from the “Samsung Lions” in Daegu, was also from Daebong Market in Daegu. He graduated from Daegu Sang-gu High School and was a player representing the Samsung Lions, a professional baseball team based in Daegu.

However, compared to Kim Kwang-seok, who was nationally renowned, it seemed that the impact would have been weaker, so ultimately, it became Kim Kwang-seok Remembrance Street.

Although it could have been different, Kim Kwang-seok Remembrance Street stands as a place where you can reminisce about the beloved singer Kim Kwang-seok, offering a tourist attraction in downtown Daegu where tourist spots may be scarce.

“Daegu Daebong-dong, Kim Kwang-seok Remembrance Street”

  • Address: 6-11 Daebong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu