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Affordable Accommodation at Ole London Hotel in Macau Peninsula

When you think of hotels in Macau, luxury accommodations often come to mind. However, for this solo trip to the downtown area of Macau Peninsula, I opted for a budget-friendly hotel.

I chose to stay at the “Ole London Hotel,” which is located in the downtown area of Macau Peninsula. It proved to be a suitable choice for a short solo trip.

“Budget-Friendly Hotel in Macau Peninsula’s Downtown Area”

Since I was planning to spend only 2 nights and 3 days in Macau before heading back to Hong Kong, I decided to go for an affordable hotel in the Macau Peninsula. Since I was traveling alone and would mainly be using the hotel for sleeping, I didn’t feel the need to stay in a high-end hotel.

The hotel’s price was quite reasonable, even more so compared to Hong Kong, and the facilities were better than those in Hong Kong hotels. It cost about 60,000 KRW per night, which was relatively low, possibly due to it being a weekday.

Since I stayed alone, the cost was 60,000 KRW. However, if two people had stayed, it would have been 30,000 KRW per person, making it a great value-for-money option.

“Proximity to Various Historical Sites in Macau Old Town”

Being located in the downtown area of Macau Peninsula, the hotel is close to the old historical sites of Macau. It’s a great place to appreciate Macau’s history.

However, if most of your plans involve spending time in luxury hotels in areas like Cotai when visiting Macau, keep in mind that this hotel is a bit farther away. If you’re planning to explore the local feel and historical sites of Macau Peninsula, choosing a hotel in the Macau Peninsula area would be a good idea.

“Traveling Between Macau Peninsula and Cotai Area”

Even if your hotel is located in Macau Peninsula, getting to the Cotai area is not too difficult. Many hotels in Cotai offer free shuttle buses, providing convenient transportation around Macau when used.

While the hotel in Macau Peninsula was relatively affordable, the room conditions were satisfactory. The room size was quite spacious, providing a comfortable stay. However, since I spent most of my time exploring various parts of Macau from early morning to late at night, my memories of the hotel are not particularly vivid.

“Ole London Hotel in Macau Peninsula”