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Macao, Filming Location for Movie ‘Thieves’ – Rua da Felicidade

In Macao Peninsula, you can find many of Macao’s old buildings. Macao boasts over 30 UNESCO-listed heritage sites, with most of them located in the Macao Peninsula area.

One of the most famous places in Macao Peninsula is likely Senado Square, and Rua da Felicidade is located about a 5-8 minute walk from Senado Square.

“Former Red Light District, Rua da Felicidade”

In the past, Rua da Felicidade in Macao was a red-light district. However, now the street has transformed into a restaurant district and has become bustling with many tourists.

When I visited this street, there weren’t many tourists, and it felt quite quiet. Many shops appeared to be closed.

There wasn’t a lot of engaging content to enjoy on this street, and it may not be worth a special visit as it’s a bit of a walk from Senado Square. Of course, it was a weekday and raining on the day I visited, so there might have been fewer people. Other than evoking an exotic atmosphere with its old-world charm, it didn’t have anything particularly special.

“Filming Location for ‘Thieves’ Movie Poster”

In this area, you can see buildings painted in exotic colors. Especially, the doors and windows painted in blue, green, and red create a strikingly exotic view.

Thanks to this, the location has been featured in movies. It appeared as a backdrop in the movie “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” and was used as the backdrop for the poster of the South Korean movie “Thieves.” For your reference, the movie “Thieves” was filmed in front of the “San Va Hotel.”

For those who have watched the movie “Thieves” and want to find traces of South Korean cinema in Macao, visiting this place would be even more meaningful.

“Rua da Felicidade, San Va Hotel in Macao”

  • Address: 65-67 R. da Felicidade, Macao