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Macau Ferry Terminal – Moving to Macau City Center: Grand Lisboa Free Shuttle Bus

At the Macau Ferry Terminal, you can find complimentary shuttle buses provided by major hotels in Macau. Since most of the luxury hotels are located in the Cotai area, there are many buses heading there. However, there are relatively fewer buses heading to the Macau Peninsula, which can be considered the heart of Macau.

Nevertheless, even in the Macau Peninsula, you can find large-scale luxury hotels, allowing you to utilize the free shuttle buses from the ferry terminal.

“Complimentary Shuttle Buses Provided by Macau Hotels”

In Macau, there are many shuttle buses provided by hotels, and you can use these for free even if you’re not staying at the hotel.

Upon hearing this, on my first visit to Macau, I confidently boarded the shuttle bus and even loaded my luggage without hesitation.

I’ve organized the shuttle bus information for Macau hotels in a route map, which you can refer to at the link below:

“Boarding a Shuttle Bus from Macau Ferry Terminal to Macau City Center”

To board a hotel shuttle bus from the Macau Ferry Terminal, you need to exit the terminal and head underground. It’s advisable to move quickly, as you might be approached by taxi drivers offering their services right outside the Macau Ferry Terminal if you’re not fast enough.

At the shuttle bus boarding area of the Macau Ferry Terminal, you’ll see a list of various hotel names. After confirming the shuttle bus you want to take, simply board it.

“Shuttle Bus Provided by Grand Lisboa Hotel”

Personally, I boarded the shuttle bus heading to the Grand Lisboa Hotel. It took about 10 to 15 minutes to reach the destination. Upon arriving, it’s best to promptly disembark as there is no specific announcement made about the destination.

You should also retrieve your luggage quickly before the bus departs. I’ve had an experience where my luggage was placed too deeply, and I had to quickly retrieve it before the bus left, with no one to assist me.

This was my first experience using a complimentary shuttle bus in Macau, and to my relief, everything went smoothly, and I arrived at my destination without any issues.

“Grand Lisboa Hotel Shuttle Bus in Macau”