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2019 Macau Trip Souvenirs

I went on a fairly long trip to Hong Kong and Macau, spanning 7 nights and 9 days. Among them, I spent 2 nights and 3 days in Macau, and the rest of the time was in Hong Kong.

Initially, I planned to focus on exploring Hong Kong and just briefly visit Macau. However, once I visited Macau, I found there was much more to see than I had anticipated, and the trip turned out to be quite enjoyable.

To commemorate this trip, I purchased souvenirs from various places. Let me summarize what I got.

“Macau Trip Souvenirs”

Most of the souvenirs I purchased during the Macau trip were from resorts in the Cotai area or were received for free.

The souvenirs I bought with money were from “Parisian” and “Studio City,” and the details of the purchases are as follows:

  • Hourglass: MOP 400
  • Refrigerator Magnet: MOP 38
  • Keychain: MOP 52
  • Batman Dark Knight Souvenir: MOP 378
  • COD (City of Dreams) Membership Gift: Free

“Hourglass Purchased in Macau”

Macau, much like Hong Kong, is a coastal area with a maritime atmosphere. However, while Hong Kong exudes a modern city vibe, the Macau Old Town area feels like an old port city reminiscent of the Age of Exploration.

I noticed a souvenir that encapsulated the atmosphere of Macau, which was an hourglass with a “perpetual calendar” attached above and below.

Before purchasing the hourglass, I asked how long it would run, and I heard it was about 5 minutes. However, when I measured it back in Korea, it took about 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

While it may be a bit pricey at MOP 400, it’s a souvenir that exudes the essence of Macau.

“Refrigerator Magnet and Keychain”

I purchased a refrigerator magnet shaped like the iconic “Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral,” which is one of the prominent historical sites in Macau.

Additionally, I bought a keychain featuring a slot machine, which is related to the iconic “casinos” of Macau. Pulling the handle on the keychain changes the symbols on the front.

“Studio City, Batman Dark Flight Figure”

I couldn’t just pass by the souvenir shop of Batman Dark Flight, which I happened to visit at Studio City. The prices of the figures in the souvenir shop didn’t seem too expensive, so I decided to get one.

I didn’t want to leave with just one, so I ended up buying two. I chose Batman and Harley Quinn figures from the series of five. Each figure cost about 20,000 KRW.

“Free Souvenirs from City of Dreams (COD)”

By signing up for membership at City of Dreams (COD), I received free souvenirs. I got a helmet-shaped keychain and an admission ticket to the Ferrari exhibition.

After viewing the Ferrari exhibition, they also provided another souvenir at the casino. It was a coin with a golden pig illustration and another helmet-shaped keychain. In the end, I received two helmet-shaped keychains.

Although I didn’t have high expectations when I visited Macau, it turned out to be a meaningful trip where I had a much more diverse experience than I anticipated and enjoyed the scenery.