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“Huawei WiFi Router E837H-320”

There may be few instances where a portable WiFi router is needed, but if used wisely, it can be quite helpful. Especially if you are using a data plan of 100GB or more, it becomes even more beneficial.

With a data plan of 100GB or more, you can add up to two additional devices for data sharing for free, by simply purchasing a SIM card.

The ability to add data-sharing devices means that you can connect to the internet without turning on the hotspot on your main phone, saving the battery of your main phone when sharing data.

Moreover, using a “WiFi router” for data sharing allows you to create a portable WiFi zone. By using WiFi routers from Huawei, you can easily set up a WiFi zone by connecting them to power banks or laptops.

“A product with enhanced portability in a small size”

Huawei WiFi routers are quite compact, resembling a very small stick. Insert a SIM card, connect it to a laptop, and you can set up the internet.

Alternatively, you can connect it to a power bank, access it with your phone, and configure the settings. This small portable WiFi router allows you to create a WiFi zone anytime, anywhere.

Personally, as I always carry a laptop or tablet when going out, WiFi is essential. While in South Korea, free WiFi is easily available in most places, occasionally there are areas without WiFi. In such cases, using this product makes it easy to establish a WiFi zone.

You can purchase it on AliExpress for approximately $47. If you were to buy the same product in South Korea, it would cost over 80,000 won, almost twice the price.

You can find the WiFi setup instructions on the Huawei link below, and the product link is also available below.