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Hong Kong Famous Medicated Oil “Hohtsai 239”

In Hong Kong, there’s a well-known souvenir called “Hohtsai 239,” which is a type of medicated oil. Similar to products like “White Flower Oil,” it is an oil that, when applied to areas such as the neck, arms, or legs, provides a refreshing and cooling effect.

“Hohtsai 239,” a Variation of White Flower Oil

While similar to White Flower Oil, there is a product that shows some differences. Produced by the same company that makes White Flower Oil, this product is known as “Hohtsai 239.”

Unlike White Flower Oil, Hohtsai 239 is a relatively less known product. It was introduced as a new option for those who find the strong menthol scent characteristic of White Flower Oil overwhelming.

“A Milder Version of White Flower Oil: Hohtsai 239”

Hohtsai can be considered a milder version of White Flower Oil. Since it has a much less intense fragrance compared to White Flower Oil, it is suitable for individuals who might find the scent of White Flower Oil too strong.

Similar to White Flower Oil, Hohtsai 239 is a topical medicated oil product effective for muscle pain relief.

Originally, this product had to be purchased in Hong Kong, but now it is conveniently available for online purchase. You can find it on Coupang. Click on the link below to go to Coupang.